Birthdays, Sloppy Joe’s And A German Shepherd

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you had a restful Sunday. I know I sure did. The crazy weather here is all yucky, cold and rainy today. Makes me wanna crawl right back in bed! I swear, you never know what to expect in these parts.

As I mentioned, we had a birthday party to attend last night. Actually it’s more of just a fammily get together. It was originally for my neice Whitney, but when we saw the cake, they had my hubs name on it too. His birthday is this Friday.

Surprise~Happy Birthday Whitney and Tony!

Everyone had sloppy joe’s and i had some ruffle’s and pickles. The inlaws made blackened salmon for me, but by the time it got there, I had already been snacking on chips. No worries though, I packed it and brought it home. yummmm.

Sloppy Joe, slop, sloppy joe...

Whitney brought her German Shepherd, Aries, over to play with the other dogs. He had just been in his first competition on Saturday and he got 1st place! How exciting!

Top Dog!

He is only 10 months old and Whitney has trained him all by herself. I thought my dog, Licky, was super genius, but man, he’s got some stiff competition with Aries. hehe. Kidding, Aries is SUPER intelligent. Whitney was showing us all of his tricks and how smart he is.

Check this out.

Good boy!

She put snacks on his paws (which, my dogs would never be calm enough to let us do that…AT ALL!!!) told him to stay, she then went outside the house, shut the door,  knocked on it, came back in and went back to him. He didn’t budge until she told him he could have his treats. WOW! That is good.

Who, me? A genius????

Here is Whitney demonstrating some other Einsteinish Aries abillity.


Maybe she can come work some dog whisper miracles on crazy ass shadooby Twix.

Dog Whisperer to the rescue!

I’m afraid it would take more than the dog whisperer to cure poor crazy Twixy’s issues.

Do any of your pets have psycho tendancies? You would not even believe my doggies craziness!

Surprise, surprise! I went out for lunch today. We went Italian. I’m not a big Italian fan, but sometimes I want it. Plus, it’s a new little place that everyone I work with said is good. It’s called Mambo Itialianno.

What is your favorite type of restaraunt? Mine is definately Mexican. Without a doubt!

Lunch Menu

I was going back and forth between the baked ziti with mushrooms and the spinach manicotti. I settled on the baked ziti with mushroom.


I will definately be getting the spinach manicotti next time. my coworker got it and it looked freaking awesome. Now I know. I also had a side salad to start.


Over all I think it was pleasant dining experience. I will definately be back. The pizza looked really good too.

Well, the weather is yucky and our nephew is supposed to have a baseball game tonight. We will see what the outcomeof that is. Everyone have a productive Monday and stay warm and dry!



But not like this, please!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. thedallasceliac
    Mar 02, 2010 @ 03:48:30

    Good Mexican food in Dallas is hard to beat – so many good hole-in-the-wall restaurants! Mexican is probably my favorite type of restaurant and in an ideal world, I’d eat there several times a week. 🙂


  2. Sanya
    Mar 03, 2010 @ 05:23:06

    I love Italian food; there’s a wonderful little restaurant here in Bahrain, Cicco’s – very cosy, blue checkered tablecloths, Italian music in the background and the food is just like mamma used to make :-). I usually have prawns in arabiatta sauce with steamed rice (trying to be good) but everything on the menu is yummy, and althought I only looked at tiramisu from the dessert trolley I was assured by fellow eaters that it’s delicious.
    Still love your blog, keep it going please. The doggies are so cute. My sister just got a Jack Russell puppy (female) – I’m not sure she knows what she got herself into… lol… That will be a little monster, you can see the mischief in her eyes….


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