I’m On A Roll Yall!

Holy beJesus! What’s come over me?!?! Who knows, but I hope it sticks around! I don’t know that I’ve ever blogged more than once on the weekend! Woohoo…Pretty soon my #of entries will catch up with the # of Heidi Montag’s cosmetic surgery procedures.


Maybe, just maybe, if I blog a whole whole bunch...

Wow, that is a tough act to follow, but maybe I’ll catch up one day. hehe.

So, like I mentioned yesterday, I was pooped after the gym and pretty much did nothing the rest of the day but surf the internets. I hate that. It was so pretty out. No worries, I made up for my lack of productivity yesterday by cleaning a toilet and sweeping the floor today. WOOHOOO! I am like super woman or something.

WHAT?!?! You didn't know that was me...well, duh!

Ok, Ok, not really. Dangsky.

Alrighty, so here is how my uber exciting Saturday night went down. I mentioned yesterday that I was in the mood for some sort of shrimp cocktailish dish, so I just let my culinary genius mind do the work. I had hubs pick me up an onion, tomatoes and lemon.  Because, umm, hello, I wasn’t gettin outa my PJ’s to venture out on that trip. THank you hubby! I wanted to make my own version of black bean salsa. Here is what it consisted of.

Black beans, tomato, onion, jalapeno, corn, cukes, garlic, etc.

I diced the onion, tomato, quartered the cuke slices, drained the black beans and corn and added it all in a large bowl. I added the juice from half a lemon and added minced garlic, chopped jalapeno, salt and pepper..also some Sazon Goya seasoning. My fave! I put the lid on the bowl and shook it up, then stashed away in the fridge to let all the flavors marry. hehe.

Here is the end result.


I boiled some shrimo I had picked up from Target.


While that was boiling, I prepared this Near East Wholegrain couscous. Yummm, totally reminded of how much I love couscous. I will definately be making more of it.

I highly suggest trying it people! It comes in all flavors, or you can just flavor your own!

I love couscous.

Soo easy to prepare, boil water, then add couscous, cover and take off heat. Let sit for 5 minutes, then fluff with a fork. Ok, well, you better read the directions on the box, I may have missed a step, but still, its EASY!

Fluffy couscous

Mmmm..here’s my shrimpies after boiling. I put pepper in the water.

Eat me! Eat me!

I layered the couscous on the bottom of my bowl, then my salsa, then my shrimp, lowfat sourcream, avacado and a lil feta and hot sauce.

My version of shrimp cocktail...

Yummm…it was awesome!!!! We ended up watching anoher movie and I was in bed by 9:30pm. We are so freakin outa control!

So like I mentioned, I haven’t been a complete waste today. I did a lil. THen I rewarded myself..hehe.. Mimosa time! Anyone that knows me knows I love my champagne! And I’m talking the ultra cheap stuff!!!!! I made me a mimosa with this Ocean Spray Ruby Pomegranite juice. I never have had one like that, but figured I’d be adventurous. hehe

yum. perfect mate for champpagne.

Perdy enuough to drank.

Ok, ok, I’ma get back to watching Deliver us from Eva. I love this movie. mmmmm….LL Cool J. Yummm. hehe. We have a family  birthday party to attend later so I’ll be seeing you guys tamale. Happy Sunday!


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