It’s me…on a Saturday! That’s a rare occurance! Well, I don’t have a whole heck of alot to update on, but I figured since I was sittin on my be-hind, I might as well tell you what I got!

Today is soooooo beautiful though! I really should be outside doing SOMETHING! I told the hubs I might go whack some balls at the golf club, but looks like that ain’t gonna happen. I’m exhausted. I’m just sitting here staring at my humongo disaster of a house and surfin the internets. That’s bad yall, but I don’t see it changin in the near future. lol.

Aight, lets back up to yesterday lunchtime. I had this Muir Glen Southwest Black Bean soup that I picked up at the Dollar Tree for $1!!! WTH. Great buy! i also got the lentil and tomato too. Crazy good deal, being organic and all. DOn’t ya think?!?

Does anyone else love shopping at the Dollar Tree? You can score some major deals in there!

I heart black beans!

Not only the price was a great buy, check out the nutrition stats!


For the entire can: 280 calories, 16 grams of fiber and 14 grams of protien. I won’t mention the sodium, but you can see that for yourself. Canned soups are notorious for high sodium levels. Oh well, it was still good. I topped with a lil chedder, and oh yeah, a side of Sonic cheese tots!  GASP!!!

Good vs. Evil

Oh well, I enjoyed it.

Do you feel guilty when you indulge or do you feel like it’s a foodgasmic experience and love every waking second of it? lol

After work I didn’t really have a overwhelming desire to get my sweat on, but I atleast put a lil effort in. I practiced my Body Pump tracks I was teaching this morning and then did a super easy 30 minutes on the elliptical. Not bad at all, not super rewarding either, but hey, atleast it was somethin. right?

Hubs rented a movie, Sorority Row. It was actually my pic. Ummm, dont’t see any Academy Awards in this movies future. lol. Din din was easy. I baked some shrimp poppers and threw em in a bowl with some black bean salsa, the remaining edemame, mushroom and broccoli mix, celery, half an avacado and light sour cream on top. It reminded me of a giant shrimp cocktail.

Shrimp cocktailyish

It was super yummo. SO much, that I’m thinking of doing some similar version of it tonight, only with steamed shrimp. Yummola.

THis morning I taught a wonderful Body Pump class. I truly thank all the women that get up early on Saturday to join me for class! Thank you! I’m also glad to inform that I have officially learned how to use my ipod shuffle. That is so sad. lol. After Pump, i stuck around for Bernie’s cycle class. Awwww, double super hotty mess. I love sweating my ass off!

Okie dokie, so i’ma end this bloggy with some very entertaining pics of me and my shadoobys.

No makeup, ponytail, glasses and d-bag, opps, I mean, Criss Angel shirt, I'm like a mega super model. hehe

Did I ever mention I was on an episode of Criss Angel, Mindfreak? Yeah, I was. haha. It was a fun experience, and also before he became such a doucher. hehe.

Aww, and to really end my fantabulous blog, it’s SUPER LICKY!

In his favorite spot...he's so super handsome.

Ok, catch yall on the flippy flop! Peace!


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