Odds & Ends (A Lengthy Blog)

Awww, did you miss me yesterday? Stupid question…of course you did! heehee. It’s been a crazy week, sorry to leave you hangin. So, when I left you last I was fixing to truck it home due to inclement weather. Well, so much for inclement weather. When I got about 15 minutes outa the town where my office is, it was nothing but rain. Oh well, I brought my work home with me.

The hubs had free passes to go to Studio Movie Grill to see Hot Tub Time Machine, so that was our plan for the night.

Special screening...aren't we special.

So, since I was home early, I went ahead and got my workout in. I did 30 minutes onthe elliptical and 20 resistance then did the following leg routine, all done with a 30lb barbell…

20 full range squats

10 bottom half squats

20 full range squats

20 full range lunges, right leg

10 bottom half lunges, right leg

20 full range lunges, right leg

Repeat that on the left leg.

My legs were on firaaaah!

Then I hopped back on the elliptical and did anohter 30 minutes starting at 15 resistance and working my way down to zero.

After my workout, I decided to make some pumpkin gingerbread cookies. I used one can of pumpkin.

Organic..fancy. hehe. It was on sale.

And a bag of gingerbread cookie mix I had picked up during Christmas time but never used.

Awww, that gingerbread man looks cute. Not quite how my cookies turned out.

and I also took a spoonful of some ricotta cheese I had in the fridge that needed to be used.

Use me please, before I get moldy!

Put all this mess in a big ass bowl.

Ready to mix.

And mixed till my heart was content!

Doesn't that look appealing.

Plopped it down in spoonfuls on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and baked according to package directions.

I won't even say what this looks like.


Pumpkin gingerbread!

We headed to the movies around 6:15pm. THe movie started at 7:15, I think, but you had to get there early to claim your seat. Of course, when we got there it was full. Honestly I think it’s just a ploy to get you there so you pay to see another movie, but that’s just me and my conspiracy theory mind churning. THey did offer us tickets at the child rate to see another movie.

At first I said Valentine’s Day, then changed to Shutter Island, then the hubs was like, Oh no, I know what happens on Shutter Island, so he went back and changed to to Valentine’s Day again. Whew!

So much for Hot Tub Time Machine. I know it will be box office gold. hehe

While waiting for the movie to start we sat at the bar. I had what was sposed to be an extra dirty goose martini with extra olives. This is what I got.

Does that look extra dirty. Yeah, I don't think so.

It had a weird taste, but it didn’t stop me from drinkin it. lol. We also looked over the menu (not like we don’t already know what’s on it). They have some pretty good selections, actually.


I don’t have anymore pics fromthe movies, because, ummm, I’m not going to be THAT Annoying and take pics in the dark theater. But I will tell you what we had. We started with chips and queso, yummmm. Hubs had the triple meat pizza and I had the Southwest salad. It was all really good. And, the movie was also pretty good too.

Anyone seen Valentine’s Day? What did you think. I heart Bradley Cooper, but really, did you have to do that? hehe.

Yesterday was safety meeting day! WOOHOOOO! That means a truck to BFE for our meeting. We always have lunch catered so that’s cool. I can always count on a salad and some sort of veggie for me to eat.

Before the meeting I had a snacky snack of Coke Zero (my fave diet soda) and some low fat (yeah right) Chex Mix. I heart Chex Mix.

Snack time.

Our meeting was over Floodplain permitting! Yippeeee! Hehe. I like our enviro guys, so it was actually pretty good. Lunch was salad, ham, raosted veggies and cheesy tators and rolls. I had salad, roasted veggies and some cheesy tators and a roll.


And some sort of cake that had fruit in it for dessert.

It was aight.

After work I was so excited because I was planning on actually getting to the early Body Pump class. I rarely EVER make it to the early class. When I got to the gym I saw people with their belly dancing wear on, something had gone terribly wrong. Or maybe it was just my brain gone wrong. I had looked at Tuesdays schedule. WTH.

So, instead of Pump, I stayed and did cycle. Which actually turned out awesome. I use to attend cycle classes religiously, but slacked off while getting thru Pump certification. This was just the reminder I needed that cycle will kick your ass and I must start attending again!

Why you don't wear eye makeup to cycle!

Sorry for the fuzzy crackberry pic. I was a hot sweaty mess. I love that! Unfortunately, today, my ass is sore as a mofo. I knew it would be. It only gets better though.

When I got home, I just knew there would be that package that I had been waiting for. You know I love my packages! There was nothing. Booo!

Then around 7pm, wth, the doorbell rang. I never ever ever answer the door unless I am expecting you, so of course, I just let my dogs go ape shiz until they went away. I knew it could only be one person…the UPS delivery dude. I was right. i opened my door, and there it sat.


It was my congratulatory gift I bought myself for passing my Body Pump assessment. hehe. I can always find a reason, ecspecially when it’s 75% off! Dang!

Wrapped all pretty.


Welcome home Ms. Spade.

And her lil bag.

Nothing special, I just love getting new bags…or clothes…or jewelry…or cars. OK, I have a problem, we all know this.

I had a peice of tilapia left fromthe other night so I decided to steam it up with some more veggies. THis time I did a lemon pepper version.

Yes, there is tiapia in there somewhere. I promise.

And I chopped veggies. I love to chop. You should know this.

Fresh cut veggies.

While the tilapia was steaming, I decided to show you my shirts I got at the LMSC Quarterly last weekend. Can’t believe I’m just now doin that.

Perfect for PUMP!

Spring Quarterly Shirt

Back of the Quarterly shirt.

Here is the final steamed tilapia and veggies. I sprinkled some feta on top too.

Tilapia and veggies.

It was ok, but I prefer the tex-mex version much more.

Ok peeps, my fingers are gonna fall off and I got lots to do! Hope you have an awesome day!


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