LMSC Spring Quarterly!

Hello everyone! What an amazing weekend I had at the Les Mills Quarterly! It was basically sweatfest 2010, and I loved every miniute of it. Haha.  Hope everyone all you had a good one too!

Anyone get their sweat on this weekend??? Anything interesting?

Friday after work, I headed to the gym to team teach Body Pump with Christy. It was an awesome class. I taught chest (killer), back and lunges. After working out, I headed home. I had alot of packing to do for Saturday and needed to get in da bed so I could rest up. I kept din din simple. Campbell’s Select Harvest Soup!

Italian Style Veggie

I also picked up these sundried tomato rolls at Target.


I had a bowl of soup and 1 (ok, maybe 2. hehe) sundried tomato roll with veggie cream cheese.

Looks yummy!

I also picked up a bag of these Food Should Taste Good chips. I have been wanting to try them.

Everyone's right, they're good!

I headed to bed early so I could be rested and ready to be all pretty and at the gym by 7:30 Saturday morning. Ummm, that plan didn’t quite work out. I slept like crap! I hate when that happens. ANywho, I was up and at the gym on time despite the lack of sleep.

After everyone arrived, we headed to the Arlington Convention center for the Les Mills South Central Spring Quarterly! What a wonderful day it was! Being with some of the most amazing people, and working out all day. It don’t get much better. hehe.

LOA Arlington Body Pump team!

And here I am with Colleen.

Always have to have our pic.

We started the morning off right…Body ATTACK!!! Definately the tuffest program in my opinion. Let the sweatfest begin! Haha. After attack, we sat and rested a bit while Body Vive was going on. I snacked on a whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter.

Snacky snack snack.

And took more pics. lol

Alyssa, Colleen, Me and Margarita

After Vive was Body COMBAT! I have been wanting to try this program BAD! It was awesome! I loved it! I wish we had it at our gym. After combat, we did just a bit of Body Flow and then headed to lunch at On The Border.


I didn’t wanna over do it, like I usually do at Mexican eateries, so I just got a side salad and a side of black beans.

Not what I'd usually order at OTB, but still good.

After lunch, we headed back to the convention center for Body PUMP! IT was mass chaos! I’ve never seen so many pumpers in my life!

Sorry, it's blurry.

Of course, I have to get my obligatory Colleen pic.

Ready to PUMP it up!

And me and Margarita…

Ready to get our PUMP on.

Here are all the presenters on stage getting ready to warm up.

Such and awesome and inspirational group of people!

After Pump was Step, which,  umm, I didn’t attempt. I’m not a good stepper. lol. Then Body Jam. We stayed for half of Body Jam and decided it was time to get goin home. The original plan was to go out to eat afterward, but we were all so pooped, we just went home. It was an awesome day. I can’t wait for the next one!

I knew yesterday was gonna be a lazy one. But hey, I did manage to do laundry and dishes, so it wasn’t a complete waste. I took a nap in the afternoon and was dreaming of grilled veggies, so when I woke up I headed to the store. I knew just what I wanted and hit the jackpot on some major deals.

I wanted zucchini, bell peppers, onion, jalapeno and yellow squash. I already had tomatoes at home. The had a big bunch of zucchini and bell peppers for $1! I got lucky!

Bell peppers, yellow squash, jalapeno, onion and zucchini

I cut 4 of the zucchini into big chunks, along with the yellow squash, 2 of the bell pepper, half of the onion and I split the jalapenos and removed the seeds. I also quartered 2 tomatoes and combined all this into a giant bowl. I coated with cooking spray, salt, pepper, minced garlic, italian seasoning and a lil balsamic vinegar.

That's a lot of veggies.

I let this mixture hang out for a while, and I occasionally tossed it to spread the seasoning. The hubs turned onthe grill and then I got to grillin.

Please excuse our dirty grill.

It doesn’t take long to grill these bad boys up. Onthe side I had some buffalo tuna. Basically, tuna mixed with Frank’s Red Hot. Love this stuff!

yummm, yummm

I added some soy on the side for dippin.

I must say, my veggies were glorious! Holy yummola! I brought the rest for lunch today.

Okie dokie bloggies, hope everyone has a productive Monday!


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  1. Erica
    Feb 22, 2010 @ 19:26:32

    So awesome! I can’t wait to see all the new releases!! I agree- Attack is the hardest but combat comes in a close second! I love the energy at the quarterlies. So so fabulous. Hope you have a good week


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