Yeeehaw! It’s Friday!

This has been an amazingly fast week! WOW! Hope everyone had a good one. I’ve got BIG plans for this weekend, well, atleast for tamale. It’s the Les Mills Quarterly and it’s here in Arlington! I’m so excited! It’s from 9am to 7pm…working out and trying the new releases for all the Les Mills programs! I can’t wait. Then out to din din and dranks with all my instructor friends! FUN!

Ok, so back to the regularly scheduled program, or whatever. Yesterday for breakfast I had 2 clementines, my faves, water and a Fiber One bar.

H2O and cuties


Things are really picking up here at my job so I’ve been really busy. That’s a good thing.

I actually decided to go out for lunch today…GASP! Hehe. We ended up going to a lil mexican place, it wasn’t bad, but not a lota options for us non meat eaters.

I'm always in the mood for mexican!

The chips and salsa were really good, well, I thought they were.

I'm not to hard to impress when it comes to chips and salsa.

And I got a small order of queso.


Basically, my only options for a meal were bean and cheese nachos (which I normally get when we eat mexican) or cheese enchiladas. I decided to be a rebel and went with the cheese enchiladas.

I'm such a naughty girl.

Ehh, they were OK. Nothing to go screamin in the streets about.

We had an office birthday today! Woohoo. I’m always in charge of getting the cake and card. We’ve decided that cupcakes are much more office birthday friendly than cake. No knife, or plates required with the cupcakes.

Easy cleanup!

Awww, and we all got cute lil plastic balloon rings. haha. I actually had 2 of these. I know, I know. Wth. Oh well. You only live once, right?

After work, I headed to go pick up the shadooby bros from gettin there weaves whacked. I forgot to take a pic of their freshly cut doos. Sorry.

When I got home, I headed up stairs to get my sweat on. An hour on the elliptical. You know the resistance drill. Then I practiced the 3 tracks I’ll be teaching tonight when I team teach Body Pump with Christy. I’m teaching chest, back and lunges.

For eats, I just went with what I had. I threw some lil fish bites in the oven to cook up, boiled some edemame and zapped some beans in the microwave.

And some cukes with ranch. duh.

Again, the damn shadow. Ugh.

I’ve actually got a lot to do tonight in order to be prepared to leave the house at 7:15 in the morn. Yikes. Hope everyone has a merry Friday!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tamizn
    Feb 19, 2010 @ 18:48:45

    Yay to cupcakes!

    Thanks for stopping by x x


  2. Lorie
    Feb 19, 2010 @ 22:59:00

    I’m going to the quarterly tomorrow, too. Hope to see you guys there!


  3. Erica
    Feb 20, 2010 @ 03:06:40

    Enjoy the quarterly! Like I said before, SUCH a fun day. Bummer that your mexican joint doesn’t have a lot of veggie friendly options. Mine overs veggie platters (like fajitas without the tortillas)- love it! Let me know how the new releases are!


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