I’m Dreaming Of A White…Valentine’s Day

Wait! That’s not how the song goes! Oh well, like it or not, that’s exactly what we got. Personally, I LOVED it! IT will make for definately a memorable Vday!


Hubs got off early on Friday and came home. We all played around in the snow for a while, then rested before we headed out to our din din reservations that night.

Puppies LOVE snowballs!

Of course, we had to build our snow people too.

MIne was a woman! She had boobies, a fancy red belt and clementine eyes. lol

I'm not sure what the hubs was...lol. It was constructed out of dog toys found in the yard. lol

I was still in shock at how much snow we got.

Thank goodness I bought these boots! They got a lot of use this weekend!


Look what finally came from UPS!

My new Body Pump swag!

After the snow, I did some cardio on the elliptical and some Body Pump practice, then decided to give my new lil Bullet chopper knockoff a try. It was Green Monster time!

It did it's job well!

I mixed 2 handfuls of spinach, a scoop of vanilla protein powder, 1/2 cup of almond milk, 1/2 a frozen banana, spoonfull of PB and handful of blueberries.


After playing for a while, working out and resteing up we got ready to go out for our Valentine’s dinner. We decided to go Friday due to the fact that we knew everything would be outa control on Saturday and SUnday.

Did iyou guys actually celebrate on Valentine’s Day, or did you do the early thing, like us? ANything exciting?

We decided to try out a new place and it was extra fancy. Me likey. It’s called Bailey’s Prime Plus, and so far, they just have them in this area of North Texas.

Bailey's Prime Plus

This place was uber fancy, and uber delicious! THey had a Valentine’s meal you could order…

Valentine's Special

But we were having none of that nonsense! haha. We wanted to go ballz to the wallz and order everything we wanted to try. Which was alot. WE just went with the regular menu.

WE want the real deal.

Started out with a bottle of Pinot Grigio.

My fave

And the garlic cheesy bread. It literally melted in your mouth.

I heart carbs!

WE ordered 3 things from the appetizer menu. Told you we were serious about trying everything. lol.

WE got lobster mac & cheese.



If calamari is on the menu, I'm ordering it!

And now for the best part…the lobster stuffed avacado. Holy crapola. This was amazing. It’s chicken fried too!

And so pretty too!

Look how amazing. This was my favorite part of the meal.

So cheesy.

After all that food, I just opted for a small spring mix salad as my main course.

I was full!

Hubs got the ribeye with fancy tators and corn.


We got dessert to go, but OMG!!!! It was like heaven. Banana butterscotch toffee pie! OMG!

Melt in your mouth, for realz.

When we were leaving the restaurant we totally did donuts in the parking lot. I mean, there was like 12 inches of untouched snow! Who could resist, right?!?!? We are classy. hehe.

Obviousley we had to have some more snow fun when we got home. Are you sick of my snow talk yet?

Me and the giant ponydoodle!

Tony and Licky

We spent the rest of the night hangin out on the couch, watchin movies and being lazy.

Saturday was spent pretty much the same way. The roads were a lil bad, but I did mange to get out and make a trip to pick up a few things, but didn’t get too far from home. I had to make cookies to drop off at church, so while those were baking, I worked out upstairs.Same ol, same ol. Elliptical and more Pump practice.

For eatzis I decided to roast up the remaining brussel sprouts and asparagus I had. This time, I marinated them in italian dressing.

I also boiled soem shrimp I had in the freezer.

With a mixture of Frank's REd Hot and chili sauce on the side for dipping.

It was really good, and I was in the mood for shrimp again last night. Sooo, after teaching Body Pump yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, I made another quick trip by the store to pick up some more shrimp.

THis time I put tossed it in Frank’s Red Hot and put it in a salad, which, pretty much had everything  you can imagine in it.

Spinach, onion, cukes, zucchini, avacado, sprouts, tomato, feta and goat cheese.

IT was goood!

Ok, well, I think I’ve caught you up on pretty much everything for now. I’ll be back. Have a wonderful Monday!


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