Oodles Of Noodles and Super Sh*$ty Phone Signals

Happy Wednesday yall! Well, my morning is goin better than my last night. I had every intention of going home to celebrate my passing of my Body Pump video, but my cell phone service made me pissy all night. I’ma texter, and when you have ZERO signal, that, well, makes it impossible.

I was trying to hammer out some final plans on a possible Vegas trip 🙂 with my G-Town girlfriends, and I couldn’t get reception to save my life. I hate that. We’ll see if it’s all back to normal this afternoon. It better be. Ugh. 

Oh well, enough of all that. On to the eats. I had some House Foods Tofu noodles that needed to be used, so I decided to concoct a noodle dish. Didn’t know where I was going with it, but it came together nicely.

Tofu Noodles

I started out by sauteeing some onion, garlic and asparagus, then added in chopped spinach and mushrooms.

Sauteed w/cooking spray.

I added in chopped kalamata olives, a can of roasted diced tomatoes and the noodles…

Seasoned w/salt, pepper, red pepper flakes and italian seasoning.

Bring to a simmer, and stir, then serve.

With a lil parm on top.

It was actually pretty good.

In other news, my fellow Pump instructor, Colleen, made me copies of her AFAA practice test to use. Oh my. I took it and got 61 outa 75 right. EEEK. Guess I will be going over and over those questions, and even then, who knows how the actual test will be. We will see.

I just did cardio last night. Tonight we will be all getting together for a Body Pump class at 8pm to help another instructor with her video. It’ll be late when we are done. Yikes.

Ok, well you guys have a good Humpday!


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  1. Lorie
    Feb 11, 2010 @ 23:30:05

    Hey, did you hear? They cancelled the AFAA group fitness for tomorrow, due to all this snow.


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