Mardi Gras 2010-Galveston Style

Hello everyone! I’m back! Let me just say that we had an absolute blast, as always, in GAlveston. THere is nothing like getting together with my lifelong girlfriends and having fun! And we definately know how to entertain each other! I’ll start where I left you last Wednesday…

For lunch I had a lobster bisque that I had picked up at Target. Not exactly the healthiest option, but, I wanted to try it.

Archer Farms Lobster Bisque

It was pretty good. Really creamy.

When I got home from work, I immediatley packed my suitcase to get that out of the way. I have packing anxiety everytime I go somewhere! I always think I have to take everything I own!

Does anyone else suffer from “packing anxiety”? lol

I worked out onthe elliptical and did some upper body weights then made me a salad.

My typical salad. You know the drill. hehe

Thursday I only worked a half day and then I was off to G-Town. I visited with my parents before going to meet up with Tamara and Nancy to hit the road to Galveston. When we got to Houston, we decided to stop in Target and pick up a few things.


We were looking for rain boots since it had been raining nonstop, but we also found a few other things we needed. Within, oh, about 5 minutes, me nad Tamara had the basket looking like this…

We know how to shop!

Once in to Galveston we stopped to go to the restroom and went thru the Jack in the Crack drive thru.

Ducks congregating outside of the store. Wonder what they're squawking about..hehe

Stuffed jalapenos

When we finally got to the beach house, we unloaded all of our stuff and made the dreaded 10 trip hike up the stairs to get it all settled in. WE didn’t do much Thursday night, besides unpack and chit chat a lil. Here is our counter of snacks and goodies.

Pretty much what our diet consisted of all weekend. lol

And the real fun…

Goose never got opened and Crown was enjoyed, but just a lil.

We ended up hitting the sack around 1am I think. THe next day before the other girls arrived, me and Tamara set up our Mardi Gras goody station. hehe

Beads, wigs, hats, etc. Everything you could possibly need.

 I enjoyed a cup of milky way coffee from the sweet Flavia coffee maker.

Love this thing!

I sat outside with Nancy while she caught up on some work email. I enjoyed a champagne treat while taking in the beautiful Galveston weather.


The weather was truly amazing, considering it had rained the whole way there. We were very lucky. Here are or rain boots we bought at Target.

You can see Nancy's in the background. lol

And here is the ginormous nosy next door neighbor dog.


WE ended up meeting the other gals at Walmart to pick up a few other food items and to look for a Mardi Gras tshirt. After that, we headed back to the house to hang out and wait for our last 2 peeps to arrive so we could go out. WE put in the Hangover and it literally played for 24 hours straight in the beach house. lol. Love that movie.

The Hangover

I also made some veggies and ranch that afternoon for snacking. can’t go a day without it!

With the Crown hanging out in the background. lol

Finally, everyone had arrived! Now just time to get ready and hit the town…yeah, not so much. By the time we all got ready and actually in the car the festivities had dwindled down.

Nelda, Ashley, Me and Tamara waiting to leave.

Here are some other pics we took while waiting. There are a lot more fun ones, but I’m going to keep this family friendly. hehe

Amanda Jean!


Nelly! (Nancy)

And me screamin, "it's beer thirty!"

After we all pile din the car, and I do mean PILED in the car, we had a very entertaining ride into town.

Hot MEss Heathen Heather and Crazy Cornbread Cara!

Oh dear, this night was full of excitement. Not many pics, but let’s just say it was eventful and ended in only one person getting sick. No names will be mentioned. hehe.

The next morning, several of the girls were heading back home (after only one night!, crazy girls) for a previously planned event. I got up and made the sausage balls I had promised Mandy.

In the oven...

Ready to eat!

The rest of the morning was spent chit chatting and watching The Ugly Truth. I love this movie!

Our plan for the day was to get dressed and be on the Strand early to actually catch some sort of Mardi Gras activities. After all, that is why we were there. lol. Right?!?

WE ended up getting downtown around 5pm and just shopped around and hung out. We got a table and had some drinks.

Tamara and Hot Mess Heather

THe crazy girls!

Cara and Ashley

Amanda Jean again!

We enjoyed some french fries with our dranks too.

MMMMMM...concession stand food. My fave!

And I couldn’t resist petting the doggy that was at the table next to ours!

He was so sweet.

After that we headed down the strand to a lil club we had heard about. I don’t remember the name, but there was a stripper pole and that’s all I need to know. lol

I admit..I am a fan of the stripper pole. I'm not any good at it, but it is fun!

We spent the night hanging out, dancing and laughing our asses off! WE had a complete blast!


Not exactly sure what's goin gon right here. lol

You know I have to get my martinin on.

Goose, extra dirty, extra olives!


And Mandy with her Dallas Cowboy beads!

GO Cowgirls!

That was pretty much the last picture I had on my camera. hmmmm. Oh yeah, I did have this one too.


No idea who that guy is, but he was workin the pole, fo sho. hehe

The next morning, we woke up, cleaned up and headed out. Mind you, we came with 3 people in one vehicle, and left back with 6 people, luggage and we stopped to pick up Cara’s daughter on the way back. WE were smoooooooshed! But we still had fun.

I’m sure you can imagine what I did for the Super Bowl..considering that once we got back to G-Town, I still had another hour and a half drive back home in DFW. EEEEEk. Talk about exhausted!

SO that was my weekend. Whew. It was long, FUN and now I’m trying to recover. Back at work and gotta get my study on for my AFAA test on Friday which I am dreading! Oh well, I’ll holla at you guys later!


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