1 Year, Mexican and Mavs!

I had a serious case of the “mondays” when I woke up this morning. Took everything I had to drag my booty outa da bed. I’ma try and go to sleep early all week so I can be rested for Mardi Gras this weekend! WOOOHOOOO!!!!

Today is my 1 year anniversay of pescatarianism. hehe. Exactly 1 year ago I decided I could totally live without beef, chicken or pork…and I have. Wonder how long I’ll keep this up….who knows. I just knew I could do it, so I did.

Now, back to the weekend. When I left you on Saturday I was getting ready for the Mavs game. We were meetingour friends, Jon and Jennifer, to eat beforehand. We all agreed on Luna de Noche, an awesome Mexican place that within walking distance of the AAC.

Chips with hot sauce and queso...my fave!

The guys ordered fajitas which came with tableside gaucamole. They let us gals enjoy the guac. Yummm.

So creamy and delish!

Jon and Jen

Me and T

I wasn’t very hungry so I got the stuffed jalapenos, it also had 2 stuffed shrimp.

Fried and yummm.

Jen had the avacado soup.

Avacado overload!

Here I am staring at my food.

I'ma weirdo.

After we were done, we head down to the AAC for the game. All the trees were lit up onour walk.

Hard to see but very pretty.

Here is Dirky on the big screen outside the AAC. THis is for my sister. She is a Dirk stalker. hehe. Her and my bro-in-law were supposed to go to the game with us, but had something come up that they could not get out of. Sorry Kolby!

How you doin???

Once we got in, me and Jen decided to hit up the bar for a lil drink before we headed to our seats (which were awesome, by the way! Thank you Brad Davis!).

I got a goose martini (obvi!) and Jen got a cosmo.

Lotsa olives!

It was a brand new bar and it was very nice, but everything was served in platic cups. Hmmm. Not very environmentally friendly. Oh well, I got my drank on anyways. lol

Here is Jen in her orange furry coat and Stars beanie. I luvs!

Looks like Velma from Scooby doo. lol

We sat, drank and chatted for a while then got a beer before heading to sit. While finishing off the beer, I had to try on her coat.

Luvs it!

Here are some pics from our seats.

Dirky pooo

Dirky pooo poooo

And here is Jen acting goofy.

Beer makes you do funny stuff.

And here we both are acting goofy.

I'm stealing this coat!

The game was tied…


But, unfortunately we lost. booooo.

When I woke up Sunday morning my chest was screaming at me! I was soo freakin sore from Body Pump chest track. WOW! My chest and abs are still sore today. That’s a good thing.

I was supposed to be cleaning up all my clothes and crap during the day, but, ehh, ya know. I got about half of it done. lol. I cooked my night eats while I was watching the Grammys Red Carpet.

I had roasted sprouts and asparagus.

All seasoned up and ready to roast.

Then, you know the drill. I had them with a crab stuffed salmon roll.

Sprouts a lil over roasted but still yummm.

And a small side salad.

Spinach, onion, tomato, celery, edemame and blue cheese crumbles.

I ate while watching the Grammy’s. Some very interesting performances last night.

Ok yall, have a great Monday. I’lll holla at chew later!


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