Friday & Pump 72 Launch!

Helloooo!!! Happy Saturday! I am one tired hot pocket! Had to be up and all pretty and ready to go at 8am this morning for Pump Launch. I am TIRED! I’ma back up to Friday though.

For lunch I had some Pacific Natural Foods Creamy Butternut Squash Soup.

And I melted some low fat mozza on a multigrain tortilla spread garlic chive hummus.

Tortilla, mozza ansd hummus.

 Put it all together and you turn yourself around…


That’s what it’s all about! Hehehehehe.

We had Pump practice till almost 8:30 last night and had to be up super early to get last minute things done for the big party. I was pooped and just ended up having som veggies with hummus for dinner. I also put some dry veggie/noodle soup mix on that I had bought from Whole Foods a while back, I  knew it was gonna take a while to make so I’ll just have it for work next week. I added in water and more Pacific Natural Foods Chicken broth and let it boil, then simmer.

Add this to the dry mix...


Now, onto Pump time. I woke up at 6:30 to get all doodied up.

Bright and early...

Here’s the whole gang…

Christy, Me, Colleen, Bernadette and Alyssa...ready to PUMP it UP!

And of coarse, the obligatory “Heather and Colleen” pic.

Meeee and Colleeeeen

THe Launch was awesome! We had a full class and everything went according to plan. We did a great job if I do say so myself.

Now I’m home, laid down for a nap, but realized I had NOTHING to wear Mav’s wise to the game so got up to look for something adn now, here I am blogging. I’ma be one tired girly at the game. Maybe I can still squees in a lil nappy…


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