Polenta & Pump Drama

Hello everyone! Good Friday morning to ya! Woooweee, the weather here in North Texas is messy today. Freezing and raining and the temp is dropping. Not good! Hope the roads don’t get too bad!

Yesterday I decided I would join my coworkers for lunch. Of coarse, I always want mexican, and luckily, everyone else did too! We headed to one Mi Familia in Granbury.

Mexican! My fave!

I got the bean and cheese nachos. YUMMMY!! IThis is what I usually get.

The usual.

Look at all that cheesy goodness!!! Yum! After that, I knew I was gonna have to workout out for like 5 hours. lol. I also could not pass up a praline.

Sugar coma!

The weather started getting pretty bad here around 3pm. I was at the courthouse getting some documents when it got really dark out. Skeery. After work I decided to make a trip to Sprouts Farmers Market to pick up a few of their sale items. I got some steel cut oats and 6-grain hot cereal in the bulk foods section.

I heart the bulk foods section! hehe

I thought these were pretty good prices. Only thing I’m dissapointed with is that no one sales wasabi peanuts anymore! Whole foods quit carrying them and Sprouts doesn’t have them either. They have wasabi peas, but I LOVE the wasabi peanuts! They’re addicting!

I was also going to stop in Party City to pick up some Mardi Gras party gear…did I mention me and all my G-Town girls are going to Mardi Gras in Galveston next weekend…oh, well, we are. Hehe. WE went last year and had a blast. One of my very good hometown friends in laws have a friggin awesome beach house and we usually take a girls trip once a year and stay there. Wild times!!!

Anywho, I also picked up some prepared polenta and some non prepared. I decided to bake up the prepared basil and gralic for tonight.

so good!

I was really craving beans too for some reason, so I grabbed a can of pinto beans out the pantry, rinsed and zapped inthe microwave. I added a few veggies on the side too and some cheese on my beans.

With some cilantro/jalapeno hummus I picked up at sprouts too.

It was really yummy. I did about 40 minutes onthe elliptical, then practiced Pump 72 warmup, chest and back.

Which brings me to the Pump dilemma. As I talked about a few posts ago, we had ordered our new tanks to wear at the Launch this Saturday…well, none of them have come in yet! DRAMA! Hehe. Not really, it just means we are stuck trying to figure out an alternative outfit. i think we’ve got something figured out though. We have rehearsal tonight and then we Launch at 8:50 tamale morn! I have a feeling it’s gonna be a full house! I will give you all the details later!


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