A Non-Bloggy Weekend

Good Monday morning ya’ll! I hope everyone had a nice and safe weekend. I must say I was feeling a lil guilty for not blogging any this weekend. But, then I noticed that alot of my fave bloggers hadn’t either, so I don’t feel quite as bad. Hehe. Musta been a busy weekend for everyone. Me, not so much.

Saturday morning I taught Body Pump to a great group of ladies! It was a packed house and that is so awesome. It was sooo HOT though! We were all sweating after warmup! I stuck around and did about 30 minutes of the next class, kickbox, so I was a really sweaty mess after that. After the gym, I went home and crashed. Just farted around all day and didn’t do anything special.

Saturday night I was wanting to make baked tofu that I saw on Caitlin’s blog, Healthy Tipping Point. Good idea, it turned out amazing! You can get the recipe here

First, I coated the tofu with the marinade.

Honey, EVOO, parika, chili powder, salt pepper and sesame seeds.

Then baked at 400 degrees, flipping half way thru.

Golden brown....yummmy.

I also had some cauliflower that needed to be used, so I roasted it up too.

Coated w/cooking spray, paprika, chili powder, salt, pepper and garlic salt.

Of coarse, you all know, I can rarely go a meal without roasted chickpeas, so there was some of that too…

With some green zucchini too.

Didn’t do anything Saturday night. Watched some of that Lifetime movie, The Pregnancy Pact. That is just really effd up. Who does that?!?!

Oh yeah, the hubs wanted me to share his creation…Egg salad. he even put it in a fancy glass…


Sunday, I got up and went to the mall (eeeek) to look at some new glasses. Couldn’t find any that I just loved, so it was kinda a wasted trip. Oh well, more productive than layin in da bed all day. Headed to the gym around 3pm to get in a lil high impact cardio wth some of my fave peeps! Again, very hot and sweaty in there.

Football was on all day in my house, so I was going back and forth watching Step Brothers, football and Prom Night. Hehe. Congrats to the Saints! I woulda been ok either way on that game, but I’m glad to see them go all the way.

I decided to make this salmon I had bought at Target for eats.

I made a small salad to go along…

Spinach, zucchini, edemame, onion, cheese and lite balsamic vinaigrette.

Here’s my salmon with a lil more edemame..

It was very good.

Ok, well, I’m supposed to meet up with my good friend Amanda for lunch today. She’s been featured on my blog in the past. lol. It will be great to see her. Everyone have a marvelous Monday! Heehee.


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