Snacks And Tofu Noodle Fettucini

Hello all my bloggy friends…. I can’t believe today is FRIDAY! WTH!  Thursday at work, I basically had a lot of lil snacks. I really need to focus on having a hearty, filling breakfast more often to fend of my snacky tendencies.

Since the company I work for was, once again, voted “100 Top Companies to work for” they sent out gift baskets to all the offices. THis time it the baskets were full of  gourmet cookies. Just what I need….NOT!

Chocolate chio and chocolate peanut butter...yummm.

Here’s the back of the cookies…

 Corso’s Cookies. YUMMM…Extremely soft and yummy! Corso’s cookies gets 2 thumbs up!

I, of coarse, had a cup of soup for lunch and a lean cuisine fettucini alfredo with chicken., I removed the chicken. I was starved so I was eating whatever I could find. lol

I also polished off the last of my sour cream & onion Pop Chips.

Now you see 'em...


Now you dont!

After having that teeny bit of fettucini for lunch, it got me wanting more. I knew the perfect alternative to the normal “heart attack on a plate” fettucini….Tofu noodle fettucini!

Here is what I used…

Broccoli and cauliflower, tofu noodles, mushrooms, tuna, laughing cow cheese.

I also used a little non fat milk and a dollop of lowfat sourcream for the sauce.

First I put the broccoli/cauliflower inthe microwave to steam for 2 minutes. While that was goin on, I put the mushrooms, a lil left over edemame, garlic, salt and pepper on to saute’, then added the broccoli.

I prepared the House of Foods Tofu Noodles by draining and rinsing and then microwaving for 2 minutes. Drain and pat noodles dry and cut into small strips. Then I added it to the saute’ mixture, along w/1 can of all white tuna,  2 laughing cow cheese wedges, a splash of non fat milk and a lil lowfat sourcream and let it all melt together.

Along with the cauliflower and topped with a lil parm.

Yummm!!! For my workout I did a lil different routine on the elliptical. I did the sports conditioning programmed workout on level 7 for 30 minutes, then finished it off with another 15 minutes at 15 resistance. I also did squats from Pump 72.

We have Pump practice tonight to get prepared for 72 launch so I will be pumping it up, then teaching tamale morn. Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!


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