Hibachi Humpday!!!!

Whuzzz upppp???? Yesterday was Wednesday…Humpday! Hooray for humpday! I had meeting after meeting and my head was killing me before any of them even took place! Luckily, we decided to go hibachi style at Miyako Japanese Restaraunt for lunch.


I love this place, but I always end up eating too much and the sodium just kills me. But I can’t resist. 

The typical hibachi meal here always starts with soup…

Then salad with an asian type of dressing.

My coworker ordered edemame and was nice enough to let me have a lil…

You know I love me some edemame!

I also tried a spicy tuna roll…


Then, the infamous flaming onion tower…lol

Typical hibachi show. hehe

I decided on the shrimp. One of my coworkers ordered the scallops.

Wendy didn’t want her veggies…WHAT?!?!?!?! Shame shame WEndy. hehe. But I won’t complain too much because she let me have hers! I love these veggies!

That's ALOT of food!

Obviousley, Ididn’t eat all of it. It was very good, but I was FULL! Told you that always happens.

For my workout last night I did 45 on the elliptical, then a lil turbo kick then practiced a lil pump.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


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