Hello all! It seems like everytime I’m blogging, it’s to tell you about something new that I just love…well, that’s no different for this blog entry either.

This time, I’m loving the store Sprouts Farmers Market! I can’t believe I waited to so long to visit this place. It’s a lil drive from my house, but not too bad. It’s only been open since October but we get the ads in the mail and I’ve really wanted to try it out,  but I’m just never in that area. Well, Sunday, I just so happened to be over there and had to stop in!


I love this place! It’s basically like a mini WHole Foods but half the price!

Just my size! Not too overwhelming!

This place is just my size! Not too overwhelming. It has all my normal Whole Foods buys with the exception of the olive bar. Booo. But that could be a good thing since I tend to go a little overboard at the olive bar.

Bulk foods section.

I didn’t really do a lot of browsing in the bulk foods this time. I was afraid I would end up with more stuff than I needed.

The produce prices are unbelievable! Look at the beauts!


Here is just a quick view of some of the deli items too.

Here is what all I got. Not much since I wasn’t really expecting to even stop by.

Tofu, Pop Chips, Chobani, and lemon/garlic ciabatta bread

The Pop Chips were 2 for $3! And the Chobani was $.99!

And then produce…

Green zucchini, blueberries, avacado, eggplant and sprouts!

The zucchini and the eggplant were both  $.69/each! THat’s amazing! And the blueberries were only $1.99!

I got all this for $16.46! I can’t buy 2 items at WHole Foods for that.

I also got those honey straws...see my reciept! WOW!

For my workout I did and hour onthe elliptical and then I practiced some of the new Pump 72.

For din din I was thinking I should use some of my produce before it goes bad. I had an eggplant that I had bought earlier in the week and also some mushrooms and spinach that needed to be used. I decided to make spinach, mushroom and eggplant quesadillas!

I chopped my onion, spinach and mushrooms and sauteed them in a frying pan. While that was going on, I seasoned up my eggplant and threw it on the Foreman grill . My pictures dissapeared so, sorry, no pics!

When all was done I layered my mixture on my whole wheat tortilla with a little cheese…


Here is the final meal…

I threw in my leftover tofu too.

here’s what the middle looks like.

This was actually really good!

Ok yall bloggies, hope you have a wonderful Monday! I’ll catch you on hte flippity flop!


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