A Night Full Of FIG

No, not the food, fig….Fashion Industry Gallery, FIG!!!!!

Shoppers Paradise....

As I mentioned earlier, we had our VIP tickets to attend the FIG finale event. THey have it twice a year. BAsically, it’s tons of boutiques, designers and stores come in and set up shop and sale their merchandise for 50%-75% off. Crazy shopping! Food, cocktails and music too.

Before the event we (me, Wendy, Laura and Leesia) headed to Cowboy Chow to get our grub on. I had been here once before and it was very good. Very unique eating establishment that has very unique presentation. Each table has a bottle opener…

For your beers ya'll.

Oh, did I mention my camera battery crapped out on me. BOOOO! I had to use my crackberry to take pictures all night. I apologize.

Here are the bride and groom bison on the wall.

Sorry for it being fuzy.

They had all kinds of beers, but I went for the “cheap” beer. hehe. I actually like PBR.

The cheap stuff...lol

For appetizers, me and Wendy got my fave. Fried green tomato lollipops! YUMMM!!!



Here I am with my lollipop…


For din din, I got another appetizer, the navajo fry bread.

With 2 dipping sauces. Honey and black beans.

Wendy got the mashed tater parfait…

In a mason jar, of coarse.

Laura had the chicken pot pie and Leesia had the chicken fried steak. Everyone loved their meals.

After we were done, we headed over the FIG to get our shop on. We got there before the doors opened and got in line…

Open, open, open...

You could see all the clothes through the windows. Just waiting for me to rummage through them.


It is a 2 story building and there were clothes, shoes and accessories everywhere! I didn’t take any pictures inside. I was too busy shopping!

Here is what I ended up getting. I’ll list it, then I’ll take a pic this afternoon when I get home…

1 pair of True Religion Jeans-Retail $196, got them for $60.

1 Pair of MEK jeans-Retail $196, got them for $58.

1 Katydid Collection dress-Retail $60, got it for $30.

1 Katydid long sleeve burnout hooded shirt-Retail $35, got it for $15.

1 really cute Vegas dress (don’t remember brand)-Retail $87, got it for $34.

2 feathery headbands-Retail $10/each, got them for $5/each.

1 houndstooth wrap-Retail $45, got it for $22.

i think that’s all I got. I coulda shopped forever though. I will definately be attending the fall event this year.

I’ve got Body Pump practice tonight so that will be my workout for today. Hope everyone has a great Friday!


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