Monday And Pump Video Update

Hello all! Hope you had a wonderful Monday! Mine was pretty good.

I wanted to give a quick update on the status of my Body Pump video I had submitted for evaluation. I got an email about 2 days after I mailed it in saying they were sending it back for me to reformat. Oops. I need to convert to a dvd. Luckily Christy (fellow pump instructor) is helping me with that. Thanks Christy! I got it on Saturday and will hopefully have it mailed off within a couple of days.

I had to teach PUMP on Sunday and we had so much fun. It was the most people I had ever seen on a Sunday class (I think because the Cowboys played on Saturday this week). I bought a new red and black hat and wore it to teach in. Sorry no pic. We had a good time. Been going on up on my weights, so needless to say, I was sore on Monday! No to mention, after pump, I stayed for Christy’s BODY ATTACK class too! That’s a whole lotta sweatin for a Sunday afternoon! I love it!


MOnday night I headed back to the gym to be there for another instructors PUMP video recording. Man, I’m really sore now.

Ok, Ok, now back to the food. Monday at work I threw a bunch of salad fixings into a bag to carry to work so I could get off my soup kick. I had a spinach salad with celery, broccoli, cheese, onion, albacore tuna and light balsamic vinnagrette…

In tupperware, no doubt. lol

I was in a snacky mood all day. I sancked on some pretzel crisps and chocolate cashews.

After pump I decided to use the cauliflower I had bought last week before it went bad.

Use me! Use me!

I decided to make roasted cauliflower. I cut all of the flowerettes off and put on a foil lined cookie sheet. Drizzled them with olive oil, minced garlic, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes.

Bake on 400 degress for 20 minutes, tossing about halfway through baking.

When done roasting, sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Yummmm. It was really good. I paired it with a cup of my leftover veggie chili.


Well, the hubs dropped the shadooby bros (doggies) off at the vet this morning to have their nails clipped, ears cleaned, teeth cleaned and everything else. They are having to put them under! We will be picking them up this afternoon. My poor giant fur babies!

I’ll probably just workout at home tonight. I’ve been assigned the squat track for the new Pump 72 practice tis Friday, so I’ll start looking at it. Hope you guys have an awesome Tuesday!


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