Hooters And Bone Daddy’s…What A Combo!

I’ve been very sporadic with my bloggy’s lately. I apologize for that! Been busy at work and just really haven’t had a whole lota interesting things going on other than that. THe weather, however, has been nutty here in Texas. Crazy cold! Thursday I was delayed going into work due to icy road conditions. EEEK! Hate driving in the ice.

For lunch, I was totally done with soup, so I decided I was going with the rest of the gang, wherever it may be. It was Hooter’s!


I really like Hooter’s, but now that I don’t eat chicken, pork or beef, it really limits my choices.

Hhmmmm, what should I get???

I use to LOVE the salads, but now the only one without chicken is the plain caeser salad. So I opted for that. Unfortunately, because of the road conditions, the delivery truck had not gotten there that day and they had NO lettuce. What the hay! Crazy. I had to change my order to the cheese quesadillas instead.

Of coarse, we always start with fried pickles at Hooter’s.

Fried pickles and jalapenos! My fave!

And my cheese quesadillas..

Pretty good.

I also got some celery and ranch.

Uuummm, half of it's healthy. hehe

 I’ve been working out at home every night this week, so Friday, was kind of a rest day. We had Body Pump practice to get ready for 72 launch, but we didn’t even use weights, so it was not really a workout. When I got home from that, me and the hubs watched a movie and then hit the sack.

I did not want to get up this morning. I laid in the bed watching the Food Network till 10! Kept thinking I had nothing to do, but, I’m wrong. How in the world could I think that when my house looks like 10000 tornados went thru it! I finally got up and started on laundry. I’ve got to get this Christmas tree down too!

Hubs texted and asked if I wanted to meet him for lunch at either Hooter’s or Bone Daddy’s. I told him to pick, and luckily, he chose Bone Daddy’s. i was hoping he would snce I just went to Hooter’s.

Bone Daddy's House of Smoke

There is definately not alot for me to choose from on this menu, but I knew that going in.

Look at all that meat!

Basically I could choose from the plain salad (minus the bacon), onion rings or a few side menu options. That’s ok, I’m fine with salad. Thank GOD for their BIG ASS BEERS though. Hehe.

Super frosty Bud Light!

I got the plain salad, minus the bacon, with ranch. It comes with fried onion strips on top and the croutons are to die for!

I also got a side of mac & cheese..

Very cheesy...

Hubs got some sorta piggy sandwich. It had ham AND bacon on it!

YIKES, but looks yummm.

Well, I gotta get my workout on sometime this afternoon. The Cowboys play tonight and we had planned on going somewhere to watch, but living in the city where they play really makes it hard to get in ANYWHERE for a seat. We will probably just watch from home. Holla!!!


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