BBT (And Great Friends) Never Dissapoint!

Well, it was another successful Saturday night backstage at BBT (Billy Bob’s Texas). THANK YOU WENDY! This time we went to see Jack Ingram. Seen and met him many times but it’s always exciting.

This time, it was me, Wendy, my sister-in-law (and also Wendy’s sister) Stephanie and my bro-in-law Gino.

Stephanie and GinoMe and Wendy

These pics were obviousley taken early in the night, because, umm, you’ll see what we looked like later that night in a bit. Funny Stuff.

All 3 of the hooligans.

Here we are with Jack before the concert…

Me, Jack, Wendy and Stephanie

Lets just say, there were MANY beverages enjoyed throughout the night. hehe. Lotsa friends and laugh too. We did manage to go out to our table and actually watch part of the show. He did an awesome job.

Never dissapoints.

After we went backstage again, continued to party on. My sister-in-law had my camera because she left hers at home, so she was snapping pics all night.

Robert, me, Brian, Wendy and Nike Mike (the usuals)

When the concert was done adn the 2nd round of meet and greets were done, we finally got to enjoy us some Jack to ourselves. lol

Steph, Jack and me

Wendy and Jack

We were obviousley all having a very good time. Can you tell from these pics???

Us, act lcrazy, NEVER. lol

Get it gurl!!!

Sorry Wendy! I had to. blame it on your sister, or the alcohol. lol.

Ohhhh dear. lol

The night was ended by Jack serenading all of us. Look at this pic, it’s classic. Looks like I’m blowin him off while he is singin to me. I wish. There was a crowd of peeps, I just happen to be standing right there.


Anywho, we finally drug our bootys home a lil after 3am. No worries, Gino was driving and he was sober. Thank you Gino! Woke up about 9am the next morning and drove back to the casa from Wendy’s.
I was starving all day, but not decide what in the workd I wanted to eat. I mean nothing sounded good to me. I finally decided on some Annie’s Mac and Cheese.
I added in some green peas and tuna to liven it up a bit.

Annie's Mac & Cheese with green peas and tuna.

No work outs were done yesterday. I know, BOOOOO. I’ll be working out long and hard this week from home. I’ve got to learn the new Body Pump Release 72. WE start practice on Friday for our launch. It will be Saturday, January 30th!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erica
    Jan 05, 2010 @ 17:10:01

    Looks like an absolute blast!!!! We are launching this Saturday! I know 1-5 already and hope to know through 8 by launch and the whole thing when I teach alone next Monday šŸ™‚ We’re also launching Step Monday and Attack in two weeks- yikes!


    • hrmeredith1
      Jan 06, 2010 @ 15:10:31

      YIKES is right! The last launch we had, I had to teach by myself the next day. Luckily though, it was the one I got certified on. This one, I’ve just been doing a bit here and there. EEEK! Good luck!


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