I Heart Santa Bloggy Gifts!

I’m sooo excited to use my new camera! Thank you Santa! Makes blogging a whole lot easier and better pics for you blogaholics to look at. haha. I sat it down for just a few minutes and even the hubs had to try it out. He took pics of our fur babies.

Twixy could totally make a greeting card!

Licky is still sweet as ever, but he’s just not as cooperative with camera time as Twixy.

When I got to my office Monday morning, this was waiting for me on my desk!

YUMMMMM!!!! Designer chocolates! I ecspecially love unexpected gifts after Christmas. They were oh so delicious! Thank you Russell (my coworker) and Paula! Did I mention last week I got a bottle of Goose with a bow on it?!? I have the best coworkers!

It was chilly out so I decided to make me a cup of hot cocoa.  

For lunch I, of course, had soup. I swear if I see soup one more time I’ma punch somebody! Sick of soup! Never thought that would be possible!

I wore one of my furry vests  with a denim skirt and my new Suede slouchy boots. THey were sooooo comfy. Love them!

I look like an eskimo. Hehe.

A little later I was getting hungry so I pulled this can of mandarin oranges out that had been hiding in my snack drawer. Its about the only thing I had in there besides SOUP!

I was subbing a Body Pump class Monday night and I wanted to nail my video. I did good, but I went heavier on squats, chest and triceps, so by the time I got to shoulders, I was REALLY struggling. Oh well, it’s supposed to be challenging, right??? I’m going to send it in and see what the verdict is. The worse that can happen is that I have to reshoot.

When I finally got home this was waiting for me in the mail…

My Turbo Kick certification. YAY! For din din I had a couple of leftover peices of Mediterranean Veggie pizza from SUnday night and some edemame. Good.

I picked these up at the grocery store too. You know me. I heart fresh flowers!

OK, well, I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday. I’ve been busy at work. The weather is supposed to get yucky here this afternoon, so we will see what happen. Have a great day!


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