Bye Bye Christmas…

Bye Bye Christmas…I survived the holiday and I am alive! It’s been a busy holiday. Can you believe we actually had a white Christmas here in DFW?!? The sad part is, I was in G-Town and missed it. By the time I got home on Christmas day, it had pretty much melted away. Christmas Eve was a good blanket of snow though.

I drove down to G-Town on Christmas Eve to help my mom finish up her last minute things before we had out get together that night. THe hubs came down later that evening since he had to work that morning. We always have our family Christmas at  my parents on Christmas eve, then my neices and nephews get all their gifts from Santa on Christmas morning. I always stay over late at my sisters and help “Santa” build all the toys.

Here are some pics of my moms decor…

Dining table...


Mini tree...

The REAL tree

THen the opening of the presents…

Lotsa presents...

New bloggy tools...Canon Powershot, tripod and memory card. YAY!

All classic country...another YAY!

I got everything I wanted. my camera, cd’s,  a new can opener, the traditional VS Christmas Eve PJ’s, a new wallet, cash and lots more. 

Then the food. We always have fingerfoods on Christmas Eve. I think this was the first year I couldnt have my moms awesome sausage balls. I was a lil sad, but I lived…

Tortilla pinwheels, mini crab cakes, cheese sticks, chips and queso.

 After teh presents and food, hubs packed up and headed back North to the house so the doggies could go out and I stayed overnight to help my sister.  Here’s the traditional neice and nephew picture before they hit the sack.


Being Santa’s helper this year was a late  night chore. I didn’t get in bed till almost 3am, but it was worth it. I always have fun. THe next morning we headed back to my sister house to see the kids after they got all their new presents and then I had to hit the road back North. I always drive back home in my PJ’s. hehe.

WHen I got home, I had to finish cleaning and getting things ready for the 2nd Christmas at my house. The hubs fam was coming over that evening. Luckily when I got home, he had already taken care of most of the cleaning, What a relief. THANK YOU! Before everyone got there we opened up our presents to each other (which we each bought ourselves. haha) and the doggies opened some of theirs. 

Tony had bought him a new Under Armout jacked from me, and the doggies got him a new tie and a Nike shirt. I had bought myself those Steve Madden boots for me from  him, and he also got me a new DVD player for upstairs and also another total suprise!

100 pearls you can wear 100 different ways!

TOTAL shocker. I love them!

THe fam came over and we had lots of good food. Some greek food also. I was so exhausted I was really bad with taking pics, I’M SORRY! The doggies were pooped after a long night of partying with the family.

I had to be up early Saturday to teach Pump. Good class. I’m also subbing on Monday night too. After that, I cam home and took another nap. I was TIRED. WE had a Birthday party to attend Saturday night at House of Blues in Dallas. One of the hubs golf buddies, John’s, birthday and his fave band was playing so we all went to dinner first, then to the concert.

Me and Jennifer (birthday boys wife) split some spicy calamari..


And we also split a cobb salad with grilled shrimp.


I also enjoyed several Bud lights throughout the evening…

After dinner we headed to see the band, Nelo. THey were good. Reminded me of Dave matthews.

Me and the hubs enjoying the band.

When we got ready to leave, we went and said our goodbye’s to the birthday boy and his wife and thanked them for a wonderful night.

Hubs and John

Me and Jenn...Oh my!

A lil better.

After we got home, we hit the hay. Got lots to do today. Think I’m going to hit up Body Attack this afternoon w/Christy. Great class! Now that the holidays are behind us, maybe I’ll be able to more proactive on  my blogging again. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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  1. Menden @ Skinny Menny
    Dec 28, 2009 @ 14:20:18

    Hey you! Sounds like you had a great Christmas – nice gifts!!!! Esp. the pearls….so cool 🙂


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