Christmas Lunch At A Museum

****WARNING**** If you are opposed to any killing of animals or hunting, etc. You may not want to read this post. I’m just sayin. COnsider yourself warned. It’s not graphic, but you may not likey. Onthe other hand, if you’re totally into that sorta thing, read on! You’ll be amazed!

Ok, well not really a “museum”, but damn near close! It’s my bosses house! He and his wife are avid hunters. They travel all over the US and other countries hunting. His house is amazing! I’ll be posting tons of pics of his trophies.

Entry way into house.

He and his wife have been on several African Safari’s. Here are some of the trophies amongst many other hunting kills…

Yep, that's a the living room. lol

Elephant tusks.


Zebra skin rug.

Cheetah. Sooo pretty.

Elephant foot table.

Giraffe foot table.

CRAZY STUFF, huh?!? Here’s some more.

Rug. Not sure what kind.




Kudu horns, maybe?

I feel like they are all stairing at me. lol

The food was catered by our lovely coworker, Laura. She’s an amazing cook and baker. I’ve featured her goodies a couple of other times on my blog. Here are some of the main dishes..

Pork tenderloin

Cheesy Potatoes. YUMMM. Took some of these bad boys home with me. Hehe

Relish trays and salad dressings.

Beautiful green salad!

Carb city...aka, rolls. Haha

Oops! I forgot the green beans. Here is my plate…

Cheesy potatoes, green beans, big salad with ranch, pickles and a roll.

Ahhhhh, and now the fun part. DESSERT!

Chocolate pie, bread pudding with amaretto sauce and caramel sauce and cheesecake!


And a whole bar full of other sweet treats…

Fudge, cookies, candy, etc.

Here is my dessert plate. Yeah, I was bad. hehe.

Bread pudding with a lil of both amaretto and caramel sauce.

And here are the lovely host and hostess. My boss, James and his wife, Wanda.

Yeah, we shoot things. lol

Oh, and a few of my lovely coworkers in their ugly sweaters (we had the contest).

Lookin fancy in their girlfriends/wives/moms sweaters.

Well, that was our departments Christmas lunch. It was a good time. Our office Christamas party is this Saturday night. I’ll have pics posted after that one too. It’s a dressier, at night time event.

For my workout last night I did a lil turbo kick and the elliptical for about 40 minutes. I’m subbing for my fellow Body Pump instructor, Christy, today, so ya’ll come out and pump it up!

I can’t believe it’s Thursday. I’ve got to get to wrapping my Christmas presents! Ya’ll have a good one!


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