SORRY! I was missing all weekend! That’s is horrible of me! I was super busy all day at Trubo Kick certification and by the time I got home, I was ready to pass out! Well, watch UT and pass out. Hehe. I’ll tell more about Turbo when I blog later tonight. But I can tell you, I’m SORE!!!!!

After about 5 hours of Turbo Kick, one outfit change and still 3 more hours to go!

Hell Yeah! Hook 'Em Baby!

Yesterday was spent shuffling my super sore butt around trying to pick up my house and semi finish decorating the tree and house. Not much, but more than it was. I did manage to get a few presents bought, so that is a good thing. Still lots more to go though.

Hopefully it will be finished by Christmas morning. lol

Ok, I promise I’ll be a blogging machine tonight to get you all caught up on my oh so exciting weekend activities. lol. Check back lata!


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