Catching Up! Sorry My Peeps!

SOrry I was gone yesterday! But, as I promised, I’m postingmy eggroll recipe…well, actually it’s a HG recipe with a few tweaks.

I ended up leaving work early yesterday, because

A I felt like crap, and, just so happens I had to schedule a last minute Dr. appointment for RX refills…


B: My compputer at work was all effed up and not working.

I went to my Dr.s appointment and to my surprise, they wanted to do bloodwork. I HATE NEEDLES. But I must say, I’ve gotten much better with them over the past couple of years. After that, I came home and prepared my eggroll mixture.

coleslaw, onion, salmon, celery, sprouts, soy, garlic salt, ginger and eggroll warps. I forgot to include my canned shrooms.

Chopped some celery and drained the salmon, then mixed everything but the wraps. ANd let marinate in fridge for an hour…

While marinating, I went up and did a good sweaty hour on the elliptical! Perfect timing. Came back down and started rolling my rolls. lol

All wrapped up!

Sprayed with PAM and then baked on 375 for about 20 minutes, until gold and crisp…

YUMMMMMM. Soooo good.

Now onto today. Me and my coworker, Wendy, had a meeting witht he City of Mansfield this morning, WOW. ALl I know is that my brain was like jello after that meeting. lol We decided to try a new place we drove by in Burlseon for lunch. Yes, Burleson, T, hometown of Kelly Clarkson. lol. WE do lotsa business in Burleson.

It was a tea room/boutiqe. Lotsa knick knack shopping. My fave! I always leave with way too much uneeded jewelry, as you’ve seen in previous posts. lol Well, today wasn’t any different.

For lunch I had “The Natural” veggie sandwich on wheat with a cup of chedder, potato and brocolli soup.

Wendy had the chicken salad sandwich with pasta salad. Here’s Wendy…

And here’s her sammie…

O course, I ended up making some purchases. A necklace, earings, bracelet, ring and some dip mix all for under $30! And it is all super cute! No pics, sorry!

Tonight, I decided ons omething easy. I have TUrbo Kick cert tamale and didn’t feel like going all out. I roasted eggplant, green beans, onion and a little zucchini and matched it with left over eggroll.

THis was also on my doorstep when I got home.

Cycle Cert!

I traded in the original kickbox cert i got for cycle. Now I have turbo kick cert all day tamale! LOTSA CERTS goin on! Kinda sad, cuz I’ma miss tailgatin with my friends in town for the Big 12 Championshp game. Hook “em!

Oh well, hope you all had a fab Friday! Catch ya lata!


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