Chilly Willy And Soreeeee!

It was really chilly in North Texas today (as you saw in my previosu post). WHen I drove by the sign at FWISD this morning, it said 28 degrees! Lotsa snow, but none stuck. However, they say, it could possibly stick tamale. WOW! Not use to this in December. I also woke up super sore this morning. Not sure why. I did a lil over an hour, very high resistance for most of the time, on the elliptical last night, but that’s not uncommon. Hmmm. dont know. I also had a sore throat and was all stopped up. Eeewww. Feelin better, other than the stopped up part. My throat is just a lil dry now. Thank Goodness!

I went to Body Pump tonight, and man, after taking Bernie’s class, it really makes me reconsider sending in my video. I wish I was at her level. SHe is so awesome! I know it took her a while to get there, but dang, I want to be GREAT like her and all the other existing instructors! I know, I know…in time.

WHen I got home, I was seriously considering making my lofwat baked eggrolls, but I decided to leave that till tomorrow. Instead I opted for a salad. I had one romaine heart left so I decided to grill it up…


All grilled up!

Along with some portabello strips…


Grilled shrooms!!!!

and I roasted some brussell sprouts to add on too…

I heart sprouts!

 In the mean time, I chopped! You know I LOVE to chop!

Cucumber, carrot and celerey.

After everything was chopped, grilled and baked, I combined into a wonderful humongo salad. MMMMMMMM…

Grilled romaine and portabellos, spinach, green beans, edemame, celery, carrot and parm...yummm.

Now I’m watching Top Chef and after that gonna watch Cougar Town! Hell Yeah! Check back tamale for my lowfat baked eggrolls! THey are soooo yummy.


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  1. Jeri May
    Dec 03, 2009 @ 06:07:06

    This is a super lay-out, humorous, & with so many interesting, healthy good eats; I enjoy it mucho!


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