It’s A SUPER BAD (in a good way) Kinda Tuesday…hehe

Nah, I’m just watchin Super Bad right now. Love that movie. Yes, I admit, I like very vulgar, crude funny movies. That’s me…hehe.

On to today. My manager walked in with this giant trash bag full of basil his next door neighbor grew! I was so excited, but then realized it would take ages to get the leaves off all the branches. WOW!

That's a buttload of basil...literally.

Like I’ve said before, we get loads and loads of food from vendors everyday. Tuesday is breakfast burrito day, but luckily, they normally don’t bring any meatless burritos, so I’m in the clear. TOday, they did bring tons of burritos (no pic) and then all of this extra mess….

Moon pies, more moon pies, baby ruth, granola, lifesaver candy...what else?!?!

Just wait till a couple of weeks….it gets outa control with all the holiday snacks and gifts. CRAZY! I obviousley had soup for lunch…duh! Same as always. No pic, it would just be the same thing everyday. hah

I’ve been uber busy at work…YAY! So I was ready to hit the road when I got off. Had to go to the mall and pick up an “emergency” santa gift for my neice. Special something that no stores have and I found one here in Arlington. Luckily, they held it for me, so I went to get it. I never go to the mall, but I definatley will make an exception  for my neices or nephews.

WHen I got home, I had originally thought I’d make another salad. HOW BORING! I decided to bust out some of my shiritake noodles and make a noodle and sauteed veggie dish…

My noodles.

I sauteed up some spinach, onion, edemame, mushroom, green zucchini and black olives…


then added my noodles with some dijon/EVOO/balsamic vinegar mixture…

with some parm on toppy..



I busted out over an hour of HARD CORE elliptical cardio too. YAY! I needed that!

I’m hoping tamale and the rest of the week goes as well as the past 2 days have.  Woohoo. That’d be awesome!


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