Perdy Good For A Monday!

Hello all! Sorry I’ve been MIA! Had a kinda crappy holiday weekend. I know, that sux. Just not the greatest moods and stuff like that. Oh well, today went very well! And it’s a Monday! Can’t beat that!

I’ll back up to last nights din din. I had some blackened salmon left over from the in-laws so I decided to make a spinach salad with salmon.

SPinach, onion, brocolli, mushroom and salmon.

I also picked up this Margaritaville Calamari at Target. MMMMM. I heart calamari!



Even more yummm!

I knew I HAD to start at least a lil Christmas decorating, so voila! Here’s the first (and possibly only) Christmas wreath put up…

The loan wreath...

Then I drug the tree out…


Put it all together, no deco, just glad all the pre-lit lights still work! Praise JESUS!

Very naked Christmas tree.

I also picked this wine up. I’ve been seeing it and wanted to try it. I’ve come to realie I likey red blends. Still haven’t opened it though…

Anyone tried it???

So…this afternoon, I had PUMP. I was planning on this being my final video attempt, and I think I finally got it. THANK GOD! It may not be 100% perfect, but I feel like it’s good enough to submit! YAY!

I decided to go ahead and finish off that tofurky that was lurking in my fridge so I opted for what else….tofurky spinach salad. lol. Here’s my tofurky,chopped….

THen on my salad…

Spinach, onion, mushroom, tofurky and low fat mozzarella

I’m sooo glad to have my Pump video outa the way. I’m sure it will get ‘er done. Hope so! Now I’ve got to focus on work this week and then Turbo Kick cert on Saturday! Thank goodness it’s only one day! Hope everyone had a wonderful Cyber Monday! Which, BTW, I didn’t get to shop at all. I was at work. Don’t wanna be shopping on work time. lol. Tally ho bloggys!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erica
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 11:51:15

    Hooray for getting the tree up and finishing your video!!!!!!!!! That is the nice thing about turbo- no video! Just 1 test at the training. Easy peazy. Although, I think you’ll find Chalene’s choreography does not flow or go with the music nearly as nicely as Les Mills.


  2. Naomi (onefitfoodie)
    Dec 01, 2009 @ 21:15:32

    so cool about the les mills certification! I have taken body combat a bunch, very fun I love the music and high energy! never tried body pump though, I think i prefer to do weights on my own not a class setting, but it always looks like a great workout!


  3. Lele
    Dec 02, 2009 @ 02:44:05

    Your excitement that it is Monday is truly inspiring. I myself am allergic to Mondays.
    I had no idea you could buy calamari pre-made that tastes good. I love it at restaurants but definitely could not handle cleaning/frying it on my own. Good to know!


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