Fun, Fun Wednesday!

OK, so seriously, it’s the day before THanksgiving, not much is gonna get achieved at the But we were all there! I swear I laughed soooo hard today, ALL day! I have the best coworkers and best friends that keep me entertained with texts all day! WE went to lunch at TUmbleweed again. Yep I went to lunch AGAIN! lol. THis time I took a pic of my meal, It was the same as last time. Not much for me to choose f rom.  Bean and cheese nachos…

Not exactly healthy, but it was good. hehe

When I got home,. look what was in the mail…

Body Pump 72 Release!

So excited, but I will not watch until my video is submitted! Come on video!

 I ran thru the entire Body Pump routine since classes were cancelled this afternoon. Then I proceeded to push out an hour of sweaty hard core elliptical time! WOW! Guess I’m trying to prepare for tamale!

Since I was so impressed with that Honey Moon beer I bought last week, I decided to try another…

Good, but I liked the honey moon better.

For din din, I wasn’t really hungry, but I had a big bunch of kale that needed to be used so I decided to make a white bean and kale soup that I saw on Skinny Menny’s blog. THanks Menden!

I sauteed up onion, garlic seasoning and I also added the last of my mushrooms…

THen added my kale…

Then the beans, tomatoes and broth…



I can’t believe tamale is Thanksgiving! CRAZY talk! I have sooo many things that I am thankful for. Heading to G-Town tamale morn and then back to ARlington for dinner w/the hubs fam.

What about you guys??? Anyone got any wild and crazy Thanksgiving plans????

I hope you all have a very safe and blessed Thanksgiving!


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