Today Was A GOOD Day!

Yep, today was a good day. It just was! Very productive work day and got to talk to some dear friends. I love days like this. I missed PUMP again tho! ANd there is none tomorrow! BOOOO! Will have to do at home. I’m teaching the Turkey/Tofurky (haha) Burner short version on Friday morning. I don’t think I’ll be making it to any Black Friday 4am and 5am sales.  Oh well. No ones even told me what they want!

I did a short, but hard and sweaty elliptical session. I was satisfied with that for today. Haven’t had a rest day in a while. I decided to make a grilled caeser salad. mmmm. First I sliced and deasoned up my hearts of romaine.

Then I slapped these puppies on my George Foreman…

On the grill.

Off the grill…

Then I chopped them up and voila….this is 2 whole hearts of romaine. They shrink! It is not the final project though…

Not alot!

I slicesd and seasoned up an eggplant..

Then threw them on the grill along w/some sliced shrooms…

I slicd my eggplant up, added the mushroom, edemame, some red onion and parm to the mixture and voila…

But before I devoured this, I had a snacky of veggies and ranch!

Alrighty then bloggies!!!!! Got to work tamale with all my fave people and my fave job! Then off on Thursday and gym on Friday! I’m sure I’ll be back before then, but still! Ya’ll have a great night! Just like my day! LUVS!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Katie Lewis
    Nov 30, 2009 @ 19:57:56

    Yum! Great ideas!


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