Body Pump Take 2….Kinda

So, off to Body Pump video #2 on Sunday. I was pumped! Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough people for the video and the mic wasn’t working so I had to use it as a practice. I did much better though. No nerves. Back to myself. I had thos post pump snack…

Sorry, ate it before I took the pic.

Hubs had bought some lotto tix and let me scratch them before I headed out to the gym. Unfortunately, I misread the winnings. I thought I won 10xs $10=$100. Yeah, I was wrong it was just $10. Plus I won another $20 on another one. Didn’t realize till I went to cash in and got $80 more $’s worth of tix.


I had to fork out $50 of my own~! Note to self, read your lotto tix very carefully before trading in for new ones. lol.

For din din I had a huge spinach salad with onion, mushroom, green beans, broccoli, carrots, feta and lowfat mozzarella. Sorry, no pic! Oops. ANd I had this again tonight with no pic. SORRY!

For breakfast I had a Stoneyfield Farms Oikos Greek Yogurt with half a cherry pie larabar

Oh, and coffee.

Here it is all together…


I had soup for lunch…surprise! lol. No pic. Sorry. I had to miss Body Pump tonight…WHAH!!!!! But I did manage to get a hard sweaty elliptical session and some  upper body at home.

I had another big salad for din din tonight. Pretty much exact same as last night, minus the mozzarella. mmmmm….

Tamale’s gonna be a REAL GOOD DAY, I can telll it already! Hope you all have the luck!



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