Let Crazy Heather Shine!

Today is Body Pump video take 2! Crazy Heather has got to be in the house today! I’ma have me a lil red bull beforehand. lol. Nerves should be gone, now I can be all wild like normal!

Last night I had taco “meat” quesadillas on Mission multi-grain tortillas with mushroom, onion, garlic, gaucamole and a lil sourcream. Here are the ingredients…

I prepared the Fantastic World Foods taco filling according to directions, which is basically, boil water and toss it in. Within 4 minutes, voila, you’ve got amazing “taco meat”. Yum.

I sauteed the mushroom, onion and garlic and then added it in w/the taco “meat”.

Layered the mixture with low fat mozzerella between 2 multi-grain tortillas and here is the final eatzi’s…


I also enjoyed a Honey Moon with a fresh orange slice…

Very smooth

I really liked this. Very smooth. WIll definately enjoy again, even though it is a Summer ale in the Winter. Haha.

THis morning I had a Voskos Greek Yogurt with crumbled chocolate coconut chew Larabar

Perfect pair.

It was super yum…

Now I’m watching the Cowboys (kinda), looking over Body Pump notes and fixin to get beautified for camera time later. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday! I’ll be back later.


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