I’ve probably said this before, but I really don’t get nervous alot. Atleast not anymore. I thought that I would be atleast a little nervous while going thru the whole Body Pump training stuff, but I really wasn’t. That is, until last night. I had my first practice video for Body Pump.

You can barely see the mic, but it's there.

I guess it probably had something to do with the fact that I hadn’t taught it in almost a month. I’m usually all wild and crazy Heather, but I was like a complete zombie last night. Strangest thing. Guess I just wanted to get thru this first video. I had the choreography, timing and form, but crazy personality was MIA. I hate that. The good thing is, that’s really the only thing I got fix. I’m videoing tamale so I hope to get a good one. No worries. I got this.

I also got my first official LOA paycheck. I’ma real Group Fitness Instructor for realz! Not much, it was only for 2 classes, but more that I expected. Besides, I would do it for free. It’s not about the money!

It's Official!

In other news, I’ve had a very productive day so far. Went to the vet, then the grocery store. I spent too much mula! But I did get some good stuff. They had Stoneyfield Farms Oiko’s Greek Yogurt on sale for $1!  Of course I got plenty of those, eggplant, tofu, spinach, some fresh sunflowers and lotsa other good stuff.


I also picked this…

I’m usually just a domestic beer kinda girl, but I do like Blue Moon so I thought I’d try this. I’m being adventurous. lol.

I’ve done laundry, dishes and now I’m watching my video from last night. WOW, where was I? Crazy. Here’s just a few things that I’ve made over the past couple of days…

Shrimp scampi with steamed veggies.

Not the healthiest, but very yummy. I amde this sundried tomato dip…

and had it with some black olives and carrots…


I also got my Kashi sample in the mail…

I still have lots to do today. I’ve gonna do some cardio later. I also need to fold up and hang my Mt. Everest pile of clothes and just pick up around here. I’ll holla at ya’ll homies lata!


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  1. Erica
    Nov 22, 2009 @ 14:43:27

    Hey girl! Taping is always such a pain in the behind! My advice is just try to get in there as much as you can and just tape, tape, tape- tape like its just practice! Honestly, I tapped my attack video on my first time teaching the full class as a “practice run” and ended up submitting it! You’ll rock it.

    The sunflowers are GORGEOUS! And I totally want to try that honeymoon! Blue moon has such great seasonal flavors. Enjoy the rest of your weekend


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