Safety Meeting Wednesday!

Yesterday was our monthly safety meeting that we have in our Bridgeport office. We always have a catered lunch, and guess what it was….if you guess BBQ, then you are right! We usually have pretty good food no matter what it is.

Before the meeting I had a cup of Celestial Mandarin Orange Spice Herbal Tea.

CANNOT wait to get my camera!

I also snacked on this…

Our meeting was over saftey and hydroplaning. Woohooo. Fun stuff. lol Lunch came in and lucky for me there were plenty of veggie options! Here’s what I had…

Coleslaw, beans, tater salad, pickles, pepperonici and a roll. YUM!

Pretty good for a BBQless BBQ lunch!

I desperatley needed to go to Body Pump at the gym tonight. I’ve got to get back into my normal gym schedule. I will be teaching Pump tomorrow night and attempting my first video. I’m also teaching Sunday and videoing then too. Hopefully I can get a good one done soon.

On to another topic. I CANNOT believe it is almost Thanksgiving, and then CHRISTMAS! Holy cow! I cannot even imagine getting all my Christmas deco out. I love being in the holiday spirit, but it’s hard when you are the only one doing it. My dogs sure don’t help. lol. There are already Christmas lights up in my neighborhood. WOW. I have not even given Christmas shopping one thought!

Have any of you decorated for Christmas??? Started shopping???? If so, send some of that Holiday spirit my way!

If I don’t pep it up pretty soon, my Christmas tree is gonna look like this..


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