Weirdo’s And Whole Foodies

I made my occasional to Whole Foods yesterday morning, and let me just say, it was a site to see. Weirdo’s everywhere!


I almost got run over in the parking lot (twice) once, by some stoned hippie! Then he looked at me and waived with a giant stoner smile and waived like a 5 year old. He parked his beat up 91 Ford Escort and there was smoke spewing from under the hood. Seriously. Hhmmm

Also, the drive to Whole Foods is atrocious! It is located very close to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium and there is construction EVERYWHERE! That has also kept me from going more than I have been.


My main reason for this trip was to get my Tofurky for Thanksgiving. I’ve never tried one, but have talked to people who really love them.


I also jumped on their “buy this, get all that for free” deals they always have. THis time it was buy a lb of fresh salmon, get a baguette, fresh green beans, a jar of seasoning and prepared rice pilaf for free! I got all that for under $14. That’s a good deal considering it was Whole Foods.



Pretty good deal!

Of course everytime I go to Whole Foods I pretty much rape the olive bar. Oh, how I love the olive bar!


My weakness!

 I also picked up a few other things. I used a lot of the in-store coupons too.


I picked up one of their potato, egg and cheese breakfast burritos from the hot food bar. It was YUMMMM! For lunch I had the frozen evol. burritos, veggie fajita I bought. It was pretty good.


Later that day I saw a dude trying on leopard stilletos. No kidding! What in the world was goin on yesterday! lol.

My workout was a good hardcore hour on the elliptical and some Body Pump practice. Then me and the hubs went to the movies and saw Couples Retreat. Pretty funny.  Too  much popcorn though!!!!

I had Voskos Greek Yogurt for breakfast. Honey Vanilla Bean. mmmmmm.


I’m heading to Body Pump at 2:30 today. It’s been foreva since I’ve actually gone to the gym for it! Then I’ve GOT TO CLEAN! Oh my goodness. What a disaster. I’ll catch yall on the flippie floppy!

Also, sorry about the pics, some are big, some are small. No clue what that’s about. And, the qaulity. Can’t wait to get my new camera at Christmas.


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