Me Lovey Mediterranean!

Howdy yall! Work is keepin me busy! I love that! Oh, how I love the sight of drilling rigs in the sky!!!! And they are getting much more frequent these days. THANK YOU GOD! I’ve actually been handed over some new projects. Thank you Wendy! lol, Stuff Ive  never really done a whole lot of before, but I love it. I love learning new things. And it also makes me a bigger asset to the business. Love it!

Me and my awesome coworkers(aren’t I blessed to love each and every one of my coworkers to death!, Dangsky! We are one BIG family!)  went to lunch at the one and only local place, Tumbleweed.


I had the bean and cheese nachos. Not good for  me, but I haven’t gone out to lunch in forevah! They were Ok. Nothing to write home about. No pic either. Sorry!

Had a 1pm meeting with  Wendy and some  Burleson city peeps regarding some of my new projects.  Why can’t all cities be as great as Burleson?!?! I love them!

I had totally planned on going to PUMP tonight, but decided to take a rest day. I’ve been doing an hour of hardcore cardio everyday, plus alternating my pump tracks everynight. I’ve got to start videoing me teaching Pump so I can get it outa the way. I havent taught anyone but my dogs in a coupple of weeks. lol. i got this tho!

Tonight, I was really craving my olives, feta and pita. I heart Greek! My hubby is Greek, so I get to eat alot of Greek food anyway. His brothers backlava is out of control!!! No kidding. The best I’ve EVER had! SUGAR COMA! I bought this olive and feta mixture…



Toasted up my last of wheat pitas and eggplant…




Yummmmm...pita chips.

Added some edamame and got a Greek Fantasy! Holy Yumm!



Alrighty then. See yall tricks tamale! Love my blogtards!



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