3 Days Worth of Recaps

Oh dear Lord have mercy! I’ve been tryin to keep up, but it gets hard when you’re outa town and UBER SUPER BUSY at work. When I got home from Vegas, work hit me like a ton o bricks! A good thing, but also stressful! Here’s a recap of my what I ate..kinda…

Oh, who am I kidding. I’ma jump right into today…lol

I had a Halloween cookie this morning. Not that great…


Then I had black bean soup for lunch, with my money salsa! I also added a cheese stick in to melt. YUMMM


Tonight I sauteed up some eggplant, turnip, onion, broccoli, edemame and stuffed it in a acorn squash. 


 Put some cheese on top and broiled for just a couple.


Yep, That’s about it, now hopefully I can get caught back up and on top of my blogging game!


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