Was Yesterday Really Halloweenie???

There weren’t even any good skeery movies on. Needless to say, we had no big plans last night. We use to really do it up BIG on Halloween, but the last couple of years, we have just stayed home. Can’t even hand out candy because out giant furry monsters babies bark so loud everytime they see someone or something walk by our house. Kids are too skeered to come to our house. lol

Here are a couple of old Halloweenie pics…


This is REALLY old! I think like 7 years ago. WOW.


This is about 4 years ago. I handmade those bell bottams! lol

See…we use to party it up. lol…

Anyone do anything super exciting last night??? Anyone have the same lame night I did? lol

WEll the day wasn’t a total loss. I got up and went to Body Pump at 8:50am. Really good workout. Then decided to waste some time on a short retail therapy session. I went to TJ Maxx. All I got was a cute, 3/4 sleeve lightweight shirt (for Vegas, on clearance for $7), a really cute lavender diffuser and some sundried tomato dip (clearance for $1)…

10 31 008

AFter I got back home, I cleaned a little and did a cardio session on the elliptical. Then I figured that since I had no plans I would have a little party for myself…

10 31 010

Soooo wish I was in Mexico with some of these....

I was inspired by my veggie fajita/quesadillas from Hank’s on Friday so I decided to make them at home. Here are the ingredients….

10 31 011

Whole wheat tortillas, cheese, onion, jalapenos, pinto beans, spinach and carrots

Oh, and eggplant and mushrooms too! How could I forget?!?!

First I sauteed the veggies. I added some of my fave mexican seasoning, Sazon GOYA. It comes in a couple different flavors. I just grabbed the first one I saw in my pantry…

10 31 014

This stuff will make anything taste good!

10 31 015

Fry like bacon you little veggies! FRY! lol

THen added the beans…

10 31 017

WHile that was cookin  up, I enjoyed one of these…

10 31 016

Una ma cerveza...

THen filled the tortillas with mixture and cheese, folded the tortilla and let it all melt together.

10 31 018

It made a buttload of quesadillas…

10 31 019

I didn’t get all fancy with the plate,, just kinda plopped some sour cream on there…

10 31 020

While I had my veggies, the shadoobies did too!

10 31 009

Well, that’s about how my night played out. THe only skeery movie I could find was Scream and it was on like a 1000 times. Hope everyone had a fun and safe one. Also hope you remembered to fall back last night! Ahhh, an extra hour of sleep. Love it! Gettin ready to start packing for Vegas, or atleast make my list. Gonna workout at home later and watch my Sunday shows tonight, Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters! My fave!



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