As I Mentioned….kinda long blog alert…

earlier, we went to Hank’s for lunch today. We always get the chips and salsa with queso. Their queso is very unique. It’s obviousley some white cheese and special spices.. It’s delish!


Chips and salsa...Thank you Scottie for the hand modeling again. lol


Super yummy queso!

THey have  all random salt/pepper shakers. Love this place…


I decided on the veggie fajitas today. SOmething I had been wanting to try for a while. Oh wow…It was awesome!


More like quesadillas, but dang, still gooood! Came with black beans too…


I ate the black beans and about 2/3 of one of the fajitas. Appetite is still lacking but steadily c oming back. Thank GOD! I took the rest to go…


Of course I ended up leaving these in the fridge at work. Ugh. Mondays lunch!

We then went across the street to do a quick shopping trip on the square in Granbury. I always buy jewelry in this shop. It’s called Pamela and Company and  alway has 50% off.  Here’s what I got…

Does anyone else have a jewelry weakness???? GUILTY!


$15 dollah!!!!!


$6!!!! That's like free ya'll! With earings too!

I have tons of this kinda jewelry. We like our stuff big in Texas! lol


I have been swamped at work. Just got assigned a whole slew of new projects that are high on the priority list. Thanks Wendy! No really, THANK YOU JESUS and Wendy for giving us work! I’ll be busy for a long time which = $$$$ dolla dolla bills yall! No complaints here!

I came home and decided I would go to Pump tamale mornin with Bernie. Tonight I did my usual elliptical plan and then did Body Pump 71 back, triceps, biceps, lunges, shoulders and abs with light weights. It was good.

I decided to use these ingrediants for din din. Wanted to make mini bagel pizzas…

10 30 001

Pizza sauce, wheat bagels, laughing cow, lowfat cheese, tuna, mushrooms and onion.

Sprayed the bagels with cooking spray, then spread laughing cow cheese, pizza sauce, onion, mushroom, tuna and light cheese and lotsa seasoning. Baked at 375 for 8 minutes…

10 30 012

Also, had a small side salad..

10 30 007

Spinach, opion, mushroom, carrot, parmesan and olive oil dressing.

So, I’m watchin Super Bad and foldin clothes. Still need to strategically plan my packing for Vegas next week too! Lots to do! Definately draggin arse outa bed in the morning to go to real Body Pump! THen need to clean this hole of a house.

Tally ho mofos! Hope you all had a Happy Happy Friday and a Super Spooky Halloweenie! No plans here!


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