Well, after a long, self-inflicted stressfull day, I finally got my cookin bug/appetite half back. Thank You Jesus! I had a long day at work, and was not able to concentrate, but I know it will be way better from here on out. WE are getting BUSY!!!!! I’ve got a lot to do! Basically, all I had was a cup of soup and some crackers. Horrid! and not like me!


I figured I better take my multi since I’ve had a lack of appetite (I should take it everyday, but I’m guilty, I don’t). I also have a multi pack from GNC Well Being Line of Women’s supplements. It’s the multi and the Be Hot pack. I wish I could make myself take them everyday, but dangsky, that’s a lot of big ol’ pills.

Do you take your multi everyday???? Don’t lie!


Luckily, by the time I got home I was in a little bit of a mood to cook somethin up. I put some acorn squash in the microwave to steam while I worked out. Just 30 minute elliptical workout since I hadn’t eaten much. THen decided to use my Brie cheese I had that was fixing to go bad. Here’s what I came up with…

10 29 005

Onion, black beans, garlic, spinach, edamame and brieeeee!

sauteed onion and garlic…

10 29 006

then added edamame and spinach…

10 29 007

then black beans…

10 29 008

then brie…

10 29 009

stuffed my squash (after seasoning) and broiled for 2 minutes…Threw a lil brie on top too…

10 29 014

With leftover stuffing stuff. lol

Yuuu,mmm. Very good.

On another note, I also got this in the mail today!

10 29 003

AFAA Group Fitness Certification Study Guide

Test is in February….

Gotta start packin for Vegas! A week away! Yes, I pack this far in advance. lol

Who else has packing issues????


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