It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood!

That it IS!!! PERFECT weather, perfect day! Makes me want to be all domestic and stuff….nah.  The day started out GRAND! Got up, had breakfast, then headed to my first official paid class to instruct Body Pump…just by myself.

I had a bowl of my foodie-find cereal with naners…


Then off to LOA to Pump it up! Class went great! I had 9 peeps and we rocked the house. I don’t get nervous, thank Gawd! I use to get really nervous, but over the last couple years, I’ve mellowed out. I went straight by the book today, just instructing. Wanted to get thru my first class without any flaws. From here on out though, watchout, I’ma get down and dirty! LOL! I do have to get that mic situation fixed tho, it keeps falling off my child-sized head. I need a baby mic.

After sweating my badonkey donk off in class I hit Spin with Bernie for just a bit. THen off to Academy. Yes, I know I said I was forbidding myself from going there for atleast 2 months, but I was returning! And, well, exchanging for a couple new things.


I always get a new Halloweenie shirt every year, and they always have cute/cheap ones. The other purchase is soemthing I’ve been wanting forever! Bicep bands to wear in Pump. I have to admit, I stole this idea from Bernie, so please don’t hate me girl! I’m not trying to be your twinkie, I just really wanted them.

I also had a post Pump snack…

My "jerky"

My "jerky"

THen home for lunch. I had these Morningstar Farms Buffalo Wings. I heart them!


Then I decided to give the front yard a lil haircut. It was lookin shabby. Hubs said he would do it later today after golf (did I mention he’s a golf FREAK!!!), but I decided to be a nice lil wifey and do it for him. He’s so lucky. Heehee.

One last thing…I was talkin to some of my guy friends about Body Pump and they were saying, “oh, I wouldn’t take that class, it’s not for me. Guys don’t take that.” At my former gym, we had lots of guys that took the class. And then you’d get the new ones that would think, oh this is gonna be sooo easy. They would load up the weight and then not be able to finish the class because they had there a@* handed to them halfway thru. GREATNESS. Then they know, hey, this is hard core stuff.

I decided to take this pic and send it to my guy friends to show them exactly what kinda guys DO do Body Pump….

Gun Show!

Gun Show!

This is Glenn Ostergaard, program director for Body Pump. Holy schmolly, right?!?! Body Pump does a Body good!

OK, I still gotta run some errands. THink I might make my fave HG recipe for din din…Super spicy Shirataki Tofu Noodle Pad Thai. YUM!!!


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lorie
    Oct 24, 2009 @ 18:52:46

    Congrats on your first solo Pump class! I’m sure your rocked it!

    Our launch at Mansfield LOA is (finally) tomorrow afternoon. If you have a chance, come by! It’s gonna be myself, Alyssa, Pam and Melanie. I tweaked my back a couple of days ago, and am just hoping I can make it through the entire class. Of course, I’m supposed to teach the back track! Won’t have a very heavy bar, that’s for sure!

    Great website/blog, by the way. I’ve been reading it every day and was inspired by all your salad pics to purchase some spinach and other colorful veggies so I can eat more salad (and wraps). I’ve got some Shirataki noodles in my fridge, waiting for me to be brave enough to make something with them. Can’t wait to see what yours look like when they’re cooked. Be sure to post a pic.

    See you later!

    PS. Doesn’t Glenn look hot in that pic!!


    • hrmeredith1
      Oct 24, 2009 @ 20:55:04

      Hell yes he looks HOT! lol. Oh man, I LOVE Shirataki noodles! I wip whole foods out everytime I go. Check out for some intersting recipes w/them. Or you can just use them like a regular noodle. Just rinse first! They be stinky! lol. I get my jerky at Whole FOods. Mesquite lime is my fave flavor, but they have several more. I LOVE salad. I don’t think there is any veggie that I don’t like!
      I would totally come tomorrow but I’ll be out of town. Good Luck! Ya;ll will be great!


  2. Lorie
    Oct 24, 2009 @ 19:10:11

    Forgot to ask — where do you get your jerky? And is the flavor Mesquite Lime? At first glance, I thought I saw Tequilla Lime! Wishful thinking… Is it good?



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