An Eventful Day….

and it’s only 1pm! Did you guys know that a major interstate could magically turn into a parking lot in the blink of an eye?!? Yes, it can! I know because I was sitting in it for an hour this morning. Major delays on the way to work this morning. I think I moved about 1/2 a mile in an hour. Seriously sux. I didn’t even see an accident that was holding it up! No clue what was going on. I almost just turned my car around andwent back home to the bed, but I didn’t. I was a trooper.

So, while sitting in traffic I ate this….


Real nutritious, right. I guess it could be worse.

My job  had a catered lunch to celebrate the end of our United Way Campaign and announce how much $ we had raised and all that business. It was held at the Granbury Resort & Conference Center.


What charities do you support? Do you do any volunteer work? I try to contribute to as many as I can, even if it’s a only a little. Every penny counts! And, every minute volunteering your services is just as good. Money is not always the answer!

There were cute pumpkins in the hall. One had earings made out of the pumpkin seeds.

Very Halloweenie!

Very Halloweenie!

Of course here in Texas a catered lunch usually means BBQ, and that’s exactly what it was. Not many options for me to choose from, but I can always manage. I had pinto beans and potato salad. It was yummy.

Easy to please.

Easy to please.

I also had this lemonade stuff that would make you pucker like bitter beer face, It was SWEET and SOUR!

Pucker up!

Pucker up!

I actually ended up making a half and half (tea/lemonade) later. It was really good. For dessert we had what seemed like a peach cobbler/bread pudding hybrid. It was made in these giant cast iron skillets. It was like crack! I was addicted. lol

Those are my coworkers man hands. Not mine!

Those are my coworkers man hands. Not mine!

On our way back to the office, we stopped at a rustic furniture store that was going outa business and took a quick looksy. I’m not really into that whole rustic look, I like it, but just don’t have any in my house. No purchases made.


Well, I’m back at work and so excited it’s Friday! Gonna finish up here and then let the weekend begin! YAY!

Anyone got big plans this weekend? I have a couple, but I shared those in last nights post. I’ll be back later!


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