Tuesday Foodie Experiment = A+

I finally decided to give those parsnips a go tonight! I thought and thought and googled and googled and just could not come up with one specific recipe I wanted to follow. This only meant one thing…I take it into my own hands…skeery!  lol

I had originally thought I’d make a mashed parsnip with garlic, grilled eggplant and zucchini squash…

Parsnip, eggplant, green and yellow squash and garlic!

Parsnip, eggplant, green and yellow squash and garlic!

 However, the more my mind got to thinkin, I kept coming up with more, yummy and creative ideas. SO I decided to nix the zucchini and sub in onion, mushrooms, feta and white beans! YUM! I know I get weird stuff mixin, but, believe me, it all ends up good!

10 20 003

Sooo, I cut up the parsnips, onion and out 5 cloves of garlic onto a pot to boil. It took 45 minutes to get my parsnips soft! THen I drained and set aside.

 10 20 002

 THen I sauteed mushroom, onion and a lil EVOO on a skillet, added my white beans and then added my parsnip mix…

 10 20 008

 stirred to get warm and then mashed….I also added a few green onions…and added some low fat feta…

 10 20 011

I had my eggplant all ready to put on the grill…

 10 20 006

But when I went outside, the gas had dwindled away…boooo. This only meant one thing! George Foreman to the rescue! I’ve actually had this grill for a couple of years and have never used it but was wanting to after reading all the blogs. So I busted it out and put it to work!

 10 20 012


I think we will be using this way more often than our outdoor grill from now on! It’s awesome!

Here’s the final project…




Can’t believe I’m just now using it!

My work out tonight was good. Same super challenging elliptical routine, however, today I was a lil sore. I guess it was from all the excitement of Launch yesterday. Anywho, it felt awesome to get an hour long super hard cardio session in. I heart sweating!

Okie, dokie, I’m slowly but surely catchin up on TIVO so I’ll catch yall tamale…


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erica
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 09:46:36

    NICE job on the din din! Love whenood one a random creation turns out well. Have a g


  2. Erica
    Oct 21, 2009 @ 09:47:03

    ood one


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