I’m Happy It’s Humpday

But other than that, the day has just been kind ehh. You know, just, ehh. Nothing that’s just got me bouncin off the walls with excitement. FOr starters packed nothing for breakfast OR lunch today. WHAT?!?

Luckily my oh so generous coworker, Wendy, let me have her grapes. I was eating them anyway so she just gave them to me. heehee.

Thanks Wendy!

Thanks Wendy!

SOme of my coworkers decided to go to Saltgrass Steakhouse for lunch, then they changed to Pei Wei, then to Genghis Grill and then back to Pei Wei. I finally just decided to stay at the office. I really do heart Pei Wei! Mmmm tofu pad thai. YUMMMM! Needless to say, I had limited options staying here. It was between soup, soup and umm, soup.

I mixed chedder potato with tomato…

Yes! I'm weird. Leave me alone. lol

Yes! I'm weird. Leave me alone. lol

I also had some of these…


Not a whole lot goin on right there with that lunch menu, so a couple hours later i was looking for something else to shove down my throat. Here’s where it gets good.

I remember seeing on a lot of blogs what they had done with almost empty PB jars…well, lucky me, I had one in my snack drawer that was sitting there almost gone and lonely. It was begging me to please make him into a beautiful and yummy jar of ooey gooey oats. Being the oh so sweet person that I am, I couldn’t say no, so I very graciously fulfilled my lonely PB jars dreams. Here was the process…

Starts with a lonely almost empty jar of PB or any nutbutter…

Please eat me!

Please eat me!

THen you add in oats and whatever other mix-ins you want to have. I put in splenda, flax, bee pollen and stirred in hot water…



After a few minutes this is what it looked like….

Bye bye!

Whoever started this trend seriously deserves an award! Never let a empty PB jar go to waste again!

I’m feeling really exhausted at this point in the day, but that’s pretty normal. I just wanna go crawl in bed with my shadoobys. We will see what happens when I get home. Was planning on Body Pump, but may wait until tamale.. Who knows. I’m feeling very random right about now.


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