Guess What Tonight Is…..




I absolutely LOVE this show! Makes me miss Friends tho…tear. 😦

Anywho, As you can probably tell, I’m not quite as “ehh” as I was earlier. Still  not super-crazy hunky-dory, but atleast I’m not in bed yet!  Didn’t go to Pump tonight. Gonna do cardio and practice some  more on the 71 before I have to teach my 1st Full class all by my lonesome on Saturday. I pretty much got it, just need to go over that bicep track again. Everything else is all good. I’ll definately be going to Christy’s PUMP tamale night tho.

Check back later because I’ve got some weirdo ingredients for tonights creation! It’s another one of those “I need to use this before it goes bad” kinda nights. Those are fun! Oh yeah, and check back to see  how nutso I went in the Target produce department! You’da thunk I’ve never seen a veggie after looking at all the stuff I got! heehee


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