Finally Feeling Human Again…

That should tell you the kinda night we had. lol. It was all very unexpected, to say the least! Let’s start at the begininng…

I got all my stuff together and headed to meet my Austin peeps (Alicia and Wimpy, and many more) at their hotel in Dallas. Once I get there, I realize I had forgotten what room # they were in. No prob, right?!? I’ll just call Lish and ask again. Wrong! I call, no answer, I text, no reply, I call AGAIN, no answer….at this point it was pretty obvious that after a long day at the UT festivities they had passed smooth out laid down for a nap. I don’t blame them though, I woulda been right there with them if I had partaken in the days events. I still love you Lish!

I had called my good friend Amanda onmy way to Dallas to see where she was going to be that night. I knew she would be out and about. She’s an OU fan (we won’t hold that against her though). I haven’t seen her in literally 3 years, which is just NUTS! We only live 30 minutes from each other. I guess we’ve both just been caught up in our jobs and everyday life. That’s sad. She didn’t answer the first time I called, but luckily I tried back and she answered this time. YAY!

I couldn’t believe it, she was literally right around the corner with some friends but was getting ready to leave to go meet her cousin for drinks. She was there to pick me 5 minutes later and off we went! Turned out perfect!

Me and Amanda

Me and Amanda

We made our way across town and met up with her cousin, Wendy, and a couple of her friends at Nick & Sam’s Steakhouse. It was packed in there! It’s in uptown Dallas and it is super-sweet! We weren’t super hungry, so we decided to share a couple of appetetizers. Oysters Rockefeller (which I’ve never had, but they were awesome) and calamari (my FAVE!).  Sorry these pics aren’t very appetizing looking…



I had a couple of these…


I never order martinis, but I guess I was feeling a bit crazy.

and we had a round of these…

I'm not a shot girl, but hey, it was a birthday party. lol

I'm not a shot girl, but hey, it was a birthday party. lol

What’s your fave mixed drink?

followed by alot of wine. We were definately letting the good times roll. Here’s a pic of the birthday girl, Wendy, and her birthday desserts. Yum! I didn’t have any of it. 😦


After literally shutting the place down, we went to a small bar and grill by Wendy’s house and had a beer, then headed to her homestead. Someone at the bar had a was wearing a Juicy sweater. CUTE!


Me and Wendy attempted to take a pic in the car, but the window was down….

Oh dear...

Oh dear...

Much better. lol

Not great, but better than the previous.

Not great, but better than the previous.

After getting back to Wendy’s we, of course, had more wine and me and Amanda put our drunken creative culilnary skillz to work to whip up some late night munchies. It turned out pretty good.

I don't even remember what all we put in it.

I don't even remember what all we put in it.

What do you like to munch on after a long night out???

Sometime in during all our fun, someone ended  up spilling red wine in my Juicy purse. Oops, it’s ok, I had been meaning to change purses anyway.

Drying off the contents of my purse.

Drying off the contents of my purse.

I don’t think we got to bed till almost 5am! Just sat around talking and catching up. FUN! Needless to say, I was feeling like major crapola for most of the day today, but I’m feeling much better now.

When I got home, I had a big bowl of my cereal I bought on Friday. It was good…

10 18 005

I had big plans of making pasta dish tonight( I don’t usually eat pasta, but after we made that last night, I was craving it.) But that plan changed after I realized I wasn’t going to be on top of  my cooking game feeling the way I did.

I whipped up this black bean soup and spruced it up Heather Style by adding in some extras…

10 18 012

Final project…

I added pinto beans, jalapeno, onion and edamame.

I added pinto beans, jalapeno, onion and edamame.

Thank GOD I’m feeling much better now. PUMP 71 launch is tamale night! SO EXCITING! Will post pics!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lish
    Oct 19, 2009 @ 04:50:47

    I’m so sorry about my “nap”. Since I’ve been not drinking as much lately, my tolerance is not what it used to be. You are not the only one that could not get a hold of me. My phone had tons of messages when I came out of the coma. Lol! Oops!


    • hrmeredith1
      Oct 19, 2009 @ 13:40:57

      I totally understand! You must have been sleepin like I was on your couch when I came to visit. Very coma like. lol


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