Hook ‘Em!!!

Well, as you can see, I’m not at the fair watching the UT/OU game. I had too much last minute stuff that I needed to get done today. I’m supposed to meet up with my peeps later tonight for post-game festivities 😉

I'm there in spirit!!!!

I'm there in spirit!!!!

What team do you root for on game day???

I didn’t get home from PUMP practice till after 9pm last night. Long session! Look at our tanks for the launch on Monday…

They turned out cute!

They turned out cute!

By the time I got home, I was starving, so I threw together a quick salad. I put Morningstar Farms spicy black bean burger on top…

10 17 001

It was goood!

Romaine, edamame, carrots, onion, snap peas, mushrooms, green apple and balsamic vinegar...

Romaine, edamame, carrots, onion, snap peas, mushrooms, green apple and balsamic vinegar...

I had the most bizarre dreams last nght and kept waking up sweating like a crazy person! This happens occassionally, but this time was bad. Don’t know what the deal was.

I didn’t  make it to the gym this morning, so I’ll workout at home in a bit. I did, however, manage to get to Academy. I wanted to see if I could find any black Nikes to wear during PUMP.  Not that I need ANYMORE Nikes, AT ALL!!!! I think I’ve bought like 4 pair in the last 2 months. Hey, they all have there specific purpose though. Heehee. I ended up getting these…

10 17 008


No worries, they were completely affordable (because, duh, I’m the queen of all sales and clearance!). It pains me to pay full price for anything!

So of course, they had tons of clearance racks that were all an additional 50% off! I ended up buying just a few things. I probably won’t be able to fit these in my gym clothes drawers! Those drawers are literally stuffed full. Next project, cleaning those suckers out and making room. Here’s what I got…

YAY for clearance!

YAY for clearance!

All of this was only $15! No kidding! Told you I’ma bargain shopper!

Same salad for lunch today. Now gonna workout and see what the plans for tonight are. See yall later.


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