Super Quickie!

Okay, so just a quick update on today thus far. Work was super busy, again, yay! Wasn’t really hungry this morning so I opted for a coffee w/creamer (okay, lotsa creamer)… I know…shame, shame.


Mid morning, I was feelin it a lil, so of course I reached for one of my fave…


Then by lunch I was ready for some good eats! I took my salad of spinach, red onion, carrots, mushroom, feta and my roasted red pepper hummus…


mixed it all together and stuffed it in a whole wheat pita! YUMMO!!!! Was gonna have some soup, but didn’t really want any after that tasty meal.


As far as workouts go, I didn’t make it to cycle…SORRY Colleen! I had too much to get started on at home so I decided to start my  crazy dinner recipe so it could cook while I worked out upstairs…more details on the craziness later.

For workout I changed my elliptical routine up just a tad. Same length, an hour, and same resistance schedule. Only this time, everytime I would raise the resistance I would sprint for 60 to 90 seconds after I changed it! Talk about raisin the heart rate! GREATNESS!! It’s always good to change it up.

After that I decided to join the hubs to walk the doggies. I swear these dogs are like crazy a@$ crack doggies when they hear their leashes rattle!

Licky ALWAYS have to have a toy in his mouth when he goes for a walk!

Licky ALWAYS have to have a toy in his mouth when he goes for a walk!

Just wonderin…are your pets as crazy as mine????

Okay,, gotta skeedattle so I can get din din done and everything else!


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  1. Lish
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 06:08:34

    Love Licky and the toy thing…too funny! Murphy thinks he’s going on a walk every time I put on my sneakers.


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