Friday, Friday, Happy Dance!

Can’t believe it’s already the end of the week. It went super quick. Just a lil update on morning activities.

I may live in the city, but I definately grew up in the country and now I work in the boonies. Our roads are packed with giant 18 wheelers and rock and water trucks in the County where I work. It’s the nature of the business. Well, while sitting at the red light, ummm, yeah, the ONLY red light, by my office, I noticed quite a festive truck sitting across. I thought, I’d share….


See the pumpkins on the grill and the mirrors. Crazy country peeps. Guess, they are in the Halloweenie spirit! Sorry, these pics are from the berry.

What’s your fave holiday? Do you go overboard on decorations and parties? I love Christmas, but dang, that Christmas tree is a lot of work!

Anywho, for breakfast I had some grapes…


and a deliciouso cup of oatmeal with, flax, wheat germ, bee pollen and half a naner.


Eew, horrible pics. SO SORRY!

Can you believe I didn’t pack my lunch?!? I guess I was feeling kinda wild today. haha. My coworkers go to lunch EVERY single day. I tried that for a while, and umm, yeah. Didn’t work out so well with fitting in my jeans. But I still go on occasion, so maybe today I’ll just have to be adventurous. If not, I’ve got a lifetime supply of soup on hand here, so I won’t go hungry.

Got Pump practice tonight to hammer out all the last details for launch on Monday, then who know what I’m going to do tamale. Not sure if I’m doing the fair for the game or going out tamale night with my Austin peeps or both! Whatever it is, it’s sure to result in some interesting pics so stay tuned!

Tally ho!


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