And The Secret Ingredient is….

WOW! Feels like it’s been a long night. Guess it’s just me. Well, as I mentioned earlier I had some things that needed to be used before they went bad…so this got my mind to wonderin! Hmmm….I had sweet potatoes, jalapenos and my Food For Life tortillas.

10 15 mid 012

What in the world??? Then it came to me…sweet potato and black bean tortilla stacks! YUMM! Have no idea where it came from. I actualy thought I was being completely original…then I googled “sweet potato and black bean”…only to find a million recipes pop up. DANGSKY! Well, I still claim it as mine!

So the journey began… I diced my taters and boiled them while working out onthe elliptical. Yeah, I’m a SUPER multitasker!

10 15 mid 013

Then, sauteed onion, mushroom, garlic and jalapeno…

10 15 night 001

Then, DUH, added them all together and started mashing!



Quartered my tortillas and then began stacking….a lil tater/bean mix..a lil lowfat cheese, more tortilla, more taters and more cheese. Easy, huh!

10 15 night 006

Then bake at 350 for not even 10 minutes. Just till the cheese melts!

Yumballzzzz!!!! Good stuff!!!

Yumballzzzz!!!! Good stuff!!!

Bein a foodie and all, I like a lot of weird stuff. Actually, not much I don’t like.

How about you? Anything you won’t give a try? I’ll try anything once! 

Okie dokie…so this whole 2 update thing when I get home…ummmmm…just aint gonna work. SO, I will attempt to post a midday blog on my lunch hour everyday!

Worka tamale, then Pump practice for Launch 71 next Monday! EXCITING!!!!!

I got big plans this weekend. Sposed to be meetin  up with my BFF from college (Alicia) to go the the Fair to watch the UT/OU game! That’s some crazy stuff!!!!! She lives in Austin and is a DIE HARD UT FAN! I heart UT too! This is just a CRAZY weekend in North Texas for sure! HOOK ‘EM!!!! 

Will keep you updated!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lish
    Oct 16, 2009 @ 06:05:47

    Can’t wait to see you again! Kimmie says all us girls can order one batch of fried goodness and all share so it’s not as bad.


  2. Kim
    Oct 30, 2009 @ 22:53:02

    Hey I eat a bunch of the stuff you do. A lot of veggies/ezekiel bread, etc.
    I love reading your recipes…so creative


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